With their debut single ‘Divided We Fall’  reaching the download threshold on their SoundCloud Page within 24 hours of its release and over 500 likes on its FB fan page in just over 2 months,the metal scene in Guwahati has been set ablaze with the new band ~’Curves’.Thousand Miles brings to its readers an exclusive interview with this new band.Read on to find out more!

1) What is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?

Basically the band’s inception lie on our search for a different kind of sound that we were looking for. The idea of the band first grew up when Anurag and Sanandam started discussing about their mutual interest in the kind of music they were drawn into. That finally inspired us to form “curves”.

2) Who are all the members in your band?-the kind of flavor they bring in…

The current line-up of the band features Anurag Hazarika and Sanandam Bordoloi on guitars, Johnny.K.Marak on vocals,and Sourav Nandi on bass.
The drums for the single “Divided We Fall” was programmed by Amitabh Barooa of Lucid Recess. But we are looking for a “satisfying” drummer and currently we are working on our options.

Initially, the structure of the songs are constructed by the guitarists, later Sourav fills in with the bass and finally Johnny delivers his vocal with a progressive feel.

3) How you have related the name “curves” to your band?

Mathematically a “curve” changes its path and direction in space and time. For us the term “Curves” defines our music which is progressive and continuously changing. On a different perspective, the name mirrors some events that have occurred in our personal lives.

4) What is the genre of your music?

The genre of the band is “Metal/ Ambient/ Experimental”. The song features progressive riffs, along with high-pitched vocals and smooth ambient parts filling in the atmosphere.


5) How does it feel after your 1st recording?

It feels great. For us it’s all about the music and respect. the recording phase was fun filled and it was a learning experience thanks to Sidharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa.


6) When you are going to release your 1st album, what will be the number of tracks and the name?

We have plans to release the E.P. by the summer of 2012. It will be recorded at the Lucid Recess studio.


7) People who have helped you along the way….

Our heart-ful thank goes to Sidharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa who have been guiding us throughout the process. Secondly, Rupam Pratim Talukdar has been a real helping friend and support to the band. Lastly our friends Sidharth Sharma and Simanta Choudhury supported us a lot.

8/ What kind of feedback are you getting from the people of Assam and India?

The feedback has been even better then what we expected. We were blown away with the love and support we got from the people. We were really amazed by the fact that our debut single “Divided We Fall” reached its download limit within 24 hours of release on our Sound cloud page.


9) Bands that you follow…..

Haunted Shores, Tesseract, Vestascension, Textures, Skyharbor etc

10) Your target audience……

We want our music to reach a global audience. Hopefully we will be able to achieve that in due course of time.

11) Your present strategy for promotion of your band…

Currently the medium of promotion of “Curves” is basically the internet.

12) Any formal training in the field…

Anurag recieved his formal training under Institute Of Music Technology(I.M.T) Guwahati.Sanandam and Sourav Nandy have undergone training under their teacher Tapan Phukan, while Johnny is pursuing his training under Royal School of music (Guwahati Branch).

13) Any obstacle that you have come across….

Strangely, the road for us has been quite supportive and free from obstacles. Our parents were really supportive throughout.

14) For how long have you been dreaming to form such a band?

Initially Anurag and Sanandam had plans to create a recording project to satisfy their musical interests. But soon they realised the need of a full line up and hence they formed the band that is currently set.

15) Finally, what are your future aspirations, dreams?

We have plans of going live as soon as possible, with a full and satisfying line-up. Our second original is on its way. We will soon be competing in competitions throughout Assam.

Finally we would like that the positive energy from everyone keeps coming and we make some good music in the days to come. Stay United, Live Life in peace and thank you to everyone.

The official facebook page can be found here:


You can download songs from Soundcloud and reverbnation page :