Geetika Saigal is an MBA and Economics grad by education. She has been Sales Professional and Entrepreneur now turned writer, by profession. She loves exploring unknown horizons and a firm believer of self created destiny. Finding Your G-Spot in Life is her debut book. Thousand Miles in exclusive talks with the author.

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your book ‘Finding Your G Spot in Life?

Author Geetika Saigal: In general, my own life and the life I see uncovering around me is what inspires me. I’m a touch-n-feel person, so small little nothings, interactions, moments…touch me. Sometimes they are stand-alone thoughts that take the form of a rant, sometimes they fall into a poetic rhyme and sometimes many moments weave together to inspire a single feeling to translate into a longer piece, a book you may say.

When it came to Finding Your G-Spot, well, there was no single ’aha’ moment as such. It all started when I decided to do the unthinkable for the first time in life – Nothing!

It was almost as if I had been running for 18 years and finally taken a pause to catch my breath, which turned into an opportunity to reflect upon my life, my choices, and my journey.

“When the noises cease, all you hear is YOU.” …and the words started to pour.

Thousand Miles: Do you think ‘The Inner Call’ of a person is the real call that one should follow and chase his/her dream?

Author Geetika Saigal: If there is one thing I have always been clear about throughout my life, it’s that it’s better to be your flawed self than a perfect someone else.

Coz when you want to be like someone else you are saying you don’t love yourself. When you want to do what someone else is doing, you’re saying you don’t know what you want to do. When you follow the path shown by others, you’re really saying you don’t know who you are.

I’ve always been me, true to myself. I’ve hurt some people along the way, people important to me, but in time I’ve also earned their respect.

If you don’t respect your own individuality, no one else will.

“When we aren’t cattle, why move in a heard?”

 Thousand Miles: How do you manage yourself being Sales Professional, an Entrepreneur, and an Author all at the same time?

Author Geetika Saigal: To be honest, I’m not an advocate of multi-tasking. I believe multi-tasking gets you nowhere, but doing one thing well does.

Having said that, we are all born to and grow into many different roles in life, which we fulfill and which in turn fulfill us. In my experience, the best way to do justice to all, whilst being true to yourself is by learning the art of compartmentalization and focus. When I’m doing one task, I give all of myself to it. The world ceases to be. I’m not saying you need to be a perfectionist at everything, but when you’re doing one thing, try not to think of others! Else you will end up juggling balls, and not really let any moment fully sink into you. Of course, the trick here is to do some pre-planning! And it’s not just about the To-Do list, but the Must-Do list. You see, we can’t do it all, all of the time. So we need to prioritize our goals, from time to time or even within a single day.

But most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself! I’ve always been good to me. I make mistakes, I fall, I mess up, I cry, I learn. I know I’m human. I know I’m not perfect. I don’t even strive to be perfect, coz really, perfection is over-rated. I don’t try to change myself, I simply try to think differently. And I never make excuses. There is enough time to pursue whatever we truly desire. If we want it bad Enough, we can make it happen. If we are not making it happen, it’s probably because we don’t want it bad enough 🙂

Thousand Miles: In the book, you have written, “Disassociate yourself from the result. Do it for the journey,

not the glory.” Kindly help us understand this advice your way.

Author Geetika Saigal: When we are trying something new or chasing a dream or working on our passion, the journey will not be a bed of roses. Give your new purpose meaning, do it for the process, cherish the journey, do it despite its pain, despite all adversities.

In the end too, whether you win or lose, achieve your goals or not, like the new cuisine or puke it out the next morning, master the Salsa dance or realise you prefer only the Salsa with your nachos, you will live to experience new things, learn more about yourself, live a fuller life, cherish moments and build memories, forever.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us.

Author Geetika Saigal: So many! Every single day I get messages, from people I have never met. They tell me how reading Finding Your G-Spot has touched them, affected them and sometimes even changed their lives.

They tell me it helped them think more clearly, face their demons, re-discover themselves, cherish the real person inside of them. They tell me how the Do-it-for-Yourself exercises, helped them internalise all that they had assimilated and hence helped put thoughts into action.

Reading all such heart-warming messages has made me launch my website  where anyone (yes, anyone!) can reach out to me to Invite me over to address an event or help mentor them in life, or even to simply talk to help figure out life issues.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Author Geetika Saigal: Parents, universally should! I believe if you have brought a life into this world, your key responsibility is towards helping him/her ‘discover’ their calling in life by giving them the warmth and security a family does, instilling self-belief and the freedom to choose.

Rest, of course, is up to the individual. We make our own destiny. Hence with or without parental support, we need to be true to ourselves.

Sometimes, one may feel that they have been unable to discover their passion, but that too is ok. If you don’t have a passion, simply live your life passionately!

Thousand Miles: Your advice to the novice authors in India. What are the things they should keep in mind?

Author Geetika Saigal: It’s Time!” We die with every breath we take; yet every breath you take is testimony that you are alive… In a 100 years from now, everyone you know will be dead, …So I say, use your limited time on this planet wisely…

Do not procrastinate…coz somewhere between growing up and growing old, we get lost… Be careful what you trade your time for; it’s actually your life you are trading with.” Yeah, there’s no better time – Make this your time, your day.

Don’t just aspire. Be.

Don’t think. Just write.

Don’t edit too much. Let your aura linger on in the book.

Don’t write bestsellers. Simply write your best, and then and only then, focus on the selling part!

Thousand Miles: Your favourite book from your present and childhood days?

Author Geetika Saigal: I don’t have a favorite genre; I simply like well-written books! I can read from mushy (and unbelievable!) Mills & Boons to deep Paulo Coelho and everything in-between. I can read a stanza of poetry that touches me somewhere unknown or that random blog post I may come across. To me it’s not about genre, it’s not about the author, it’s simply about the words. I’m a sucker for words! But I have to admit, I can’t read stuff that’s way too deep or complicated, I’m not that evolved as yet 🙂

Favourites… hmm well this may sound silly, but I loved all Enid Blytons esp. The Secret Seven and The Famous Five! Maybe it’s their simplicity in order to appeal to the kids, or maybe I never really grew up! I then went onto Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys (had a big crush on Frank!). And somewhere along the line fell in M&B and Harlequin Romance and Silhouette Desires!

From the grown-up stuff, I liked ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’…I can relate to it personally – it’s honest, cut-the-crap, grow-a-pair-of-balls kinda book!

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Geetika Saigal: Many I guess. I don’t idiolise people, but I admire qualities. Coz I truly believe no one is perfect, but everyone has some good in them.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Light’ issue of our Magazine.

Author Geetika Saigal: Humbled, and delighted, to be able to share my thoughts and journey with so many readers via your platform.

Sharing is a continuous process, hence I’d be happy to write anytime for you. Your readers can reach me at [email protected] or visit my website or simply follow my musings on my Instagram handle gstorytime


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