A doctor, photographer, and motivational speaker all into one, Aditya Nighhot, author of three bestsellers in an exclusive talk with Thousand Miles. The 22-year old feels that he can connect to the emotions of today’s youth and express this through his writings. As he believes, “With social messages being the crux of his books, his writing has proved to be a boon to his audience.”

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your book ‘Until Love Set Us Apart’?

Author Aditya Nighhot: A TV news that provoked me to do a bit of research on the topic and come up with a novel. So, it’s inspired from a real-life incident that is relevant to the problems faced in India.

Thousand Miles: Do you think ‘The Inner Call’ of a person is the real call that one should follow and chase his/her dream?

Author Aditya Nighhot: Definitely! Without the inner call one cannot do justice to any work he or she carries out. Doing a particular work because somebody has pushed us to do it is laborious and short-lived. Creativity can get its due if it comes from within.

Thousand Miles: How do you manage yourself being a motivational speaker, a Photographer, a Doctor, and an Author all at the same time?

Author Aditya NighhotBeing a doctor is my profession by choice and being an author and speaker are my passion. Photography is my hobby. There are 24 hours in a day and if one curtails his sleep a bit and utilizes the rest of the time efficiently by making a day to day timetable in the mind, then everything falls in place.

Thousand Miles:How was the feeling when you received ‘BEST ROMANCE BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD’ for your novel ‘Until Love Set Us Apart? Kindly talk us through.

Author Aditya Nighhot:Receiving a readers’ choice award is always heart-pleasing because it’s an award won not because a few critics or a panel of jury liked the work but rather due to thousands of genuine readers actually liking the work. This definitely motivated me to continue writing and believe in myself as the audience liking and voting for my book was huge.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Author Aditya Nighhot:The day, I received an email from my publisher saying that the first print run of thousands of copies was sold out within a month of release and that they were going for a reprint. Every author dreams of such a moment in his life! I was lucky to get this moment within a month of release.


Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Author Aditya Nighhot: One’s passion can become his profession but one’s profession may not become his passion. So, I think every parent should at least give one chance to their children to fetch their passion. A profession can give  the child enough money but may not keep him happy for a lifetime. Hence, passion should be prioritised.

Thousand Miles:You are always to known write heart-wrenching-romantic novels in simple English. How do you learn to write such captivating romantic novels? We would like to know as it may help some novice writers.

Author Aditya Nighhot: I have been a science student and have never attended the literature lectures or joined classes to learn writing. For me, writing comes from within. I have seen many writers do a lot of research on how to write but I have been just the opposite. I observe people and their behaviour, watch a lot of movies, read books and simply pen down my own emotions. It’s a natural process for me.

Thousand Miles:Your favourite book from your present and childhood days?

Author Aditya Nighhot:My all-time favourite is Sherlock Holmes and the book which really touched my heart was ‘The Fault in our stars’.

Thousand Miles:The Protagonist of the novel ‘Until Love Set Us Apart’, Rohit and his lady love ‘Aisha’ seems to be perfect for each other to a great extent. Then the story takes a huge turn around and it changes from the story of ‘Love and Friendship’ to ‘Love and Revenge’. Is this inspired from any real-life incident? Kindly talk us through.

Author Aditya Nighhot:Yes, the theme of the book is inspired by a real-life incident but the characters have been given a fictional arc, keeping the entertainment quotient in mind. Also, this book is just not about love, friendship and crime, but it also about a deep social message which I wanted to convey through my book. I could have written an entire non-fictional book on the social message but that would have been very preachy and boring at times. So, I mixed it up with a realistic plot and a love story.

Thousand Miles:Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Aditya Nighhot:I would like to meet the entire Bachchan family. I have always been fascinated by their work and I am a huge fan of them.

Thousand Miles:We have come to know that you love Bollywood Movies. Which actor would you like to see playing role of Rohit and actress for Aisha from your novel ‘Until Love Set Us Apart’ if it is adapted into fullfledged Hindi Movie?

Author Aditya Nighhot:I wrote the book keeping Aditya Roy Kapoor in my mind. I would love to see him or Aamir Khan or Ranbir Kapoor play the lead and Alia Bhatt plays Aisha.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Best of 2018’ issue of our Magazine.

Author Aditya Nighhot: I am thankful and delighted to be a part of this magazine. It’s a great medium to reach out to my readers and fans and give them an insight of what goes on through the writer-mind of mine when I pen down a story.