TM: what is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?

Dennga:  All of us wanted to do and create something of our own….. we all were individual musician in the industry…wanted to have a music home of our own…which is our band.

TM: who are all the members of your band and what are the instruments they are on? (A brief profile of each member).

Deenga: Soumik Chatterjee on vocals…A bohemian in real who travels and visit different boul akharas just in search of soulful music.

Rahul Mishra in bass guitar….a doctor by qualification..But music is something which is the blood that flows through his body…

Indrajit Moitra on drums….M.B.A in sells and marketing left Xerox, refused British Airways and many just to caress the drums harder and harder and harder

Indrajit Dass on keys…..sound recordist in discovery channel .technically sound… We are highly glad to have him as our band member…

Nilanjan Samaddar-lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. A music composer and lyricist in the film and television industry and our band member too…..

Punyadip gupta….lead and rhythm guitars…..An I.T Engineer but following his heart…Entered

the world of music. A true jazz lover..Glad to have him playing guitars…

how do you relate the name ‘DEENGA’ to your band?

Deenga: ‘DEENGA’ means a small boat….and we are its sailors…we spread love and peace where ever we go.

TM: what is the genre of music of your music?

Deenga:  We are contemporary folk alternative poprock band.

TM:  how did you feel after your 1st recording? (name of the studio and your evergreen moments there)

Deenga: Our first album was released from’ ASHA AUDIO’, in the year 2005…..and our recording took


Well at that time Deenga’s line up was different .we had been through lovely experiences.Our

Recording and mixing schedule continued for almost one month. In the meantime, we got a call from

‘HAW MAW KHAW’  a very popular reality show of ZEE BANGLA as a guest band.It was hosted by

Mir and Rimjhim.During the shooting of the episodes, we had loads of fun.

TM: what was the response after the release of your first professional debut ?(from your fans, people of West-Bengal )

Deenga: Initially the response was good all over West Bengal, but within a few months of the release

Of our album three of our band members left the band due to some personal reasons forcing us to

Stop the production of the album.

TM: Who are the people behind it?( any eminent person or any figure that helped you)

Deenga: We are very much thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Lahiri, proprietor of ASHA AUDIO for helping us.

TM: How many albums did you release so far? ( name of the albums, themes, and released dates and fans’ response)

Deenga: Till now only one album has been released by us i.e in 2005 titled – ‘BHESHE PORIE’

TM: bands that you follow…

Deenga: we are influenced by a number of bands like COLD PLAY,GREEN DAYS,,BEATLES and many more.

TM: any obstacle that you come across so far…

Deenga:  Obstacles?? Well, that’s a part of our life when we are to achieve a goal.We believe if someone achieves  his or her goal smoothly then that will not be long-lasting because obstacles teach us a lot
and makes us stronger and tougher to survive.

The major obstacle faced by us till date was the breaking of our band. That made the band stagnant for certain periods of time.Every bad phase has an end, so did ours. Again DEENGA started to sail with its new members.

TM: what is your view about ‘rock’ AND ‘CLASSICAL’ music?

Deenga: Classical music is technical but Rock music is a lifestyle.

TM: any new project or album you are presently working upon?

Deenga: We are working on our website which we will be launching within a few months.

TM: your predictions about the future of CD and vinyl sales and what if digital music completely replace these formats…

Deenga: If we see the statistic the sale of CD is going down day by day because of piracy. Piracy can only be stopped if we realize that this is going to finish one sector of the music industry i.e the music companies.Our initiative is very much needed to fight this evil.

TM: what is your view about the online selling of music and illegal music downloads?

Deenga: Net …in today’s world is a perfect platform for marketing .It spreads the message worldwide.

So online selling of music is booming.Lots of sites are there from where you can legally download music. Beside this lots of sites are there where you can illegally download. So again we have to be aware of this and fight against the evil.

TM: any cherish moment you like to share with us…

Deenga: We cherish every moment of our performances when we are on stage and the audiences

Enjoying our songs – our creativity.

TM: what are your future prospects and dreams?

Deenga: Our dream is to share stage with A.R.RAHMAN.

TM: anything you like to speak about us-Thousand Miles Team…

Deenga: 1000 Miles Team is doing a great job .It’s for them that we came in front of so many people… People came to know about us.

THREE CHEERS FOR 1000 MILES TEAM…GOD bless you. May your journey expand more than million miles from 1000 miles.

TM: Any message that you would like to send out to your fans on the occasion of VALENTINE’S DAY

Deenga: Valentine day is the universal day of love ..its a no more a special day for a couple instead it has entered into every relationship. So to our fans, our message goes love us listen to our music and spread love and peace in the world