Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author and life-coach. She works in the corporate sector. Apart from being the author of three best-selling books; she is an avid blogger too. Her blogs have inspired and motivated many through her depth writing and to the point answers of daily life. Deesha’s writing speaks about the day-to-day conundrums, emotional breakdowns and the solutions towards those. Thousand Miles INC in exclusive talks with the Author Deesha Sangani.

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your book ‘90 Steps towards Beginning of a Journey’?

Deesha Sangani: The inspiration behind writing the book ’90 steps towards the beginning of a journey is to inspire people.

I have believed we are all inspiration to each other, however, we don’t realise our ability. My book talks about short inspirational stories, stories which is part of our daily lives and learning. The book has some of my experience, people I met in life and some real time people who inspired life.

I hit the rock bottom, however, I chose to follow my passion and not the path of depression, we all do have our ups and downs in life but what matters is how we come back in life. I believe we are best to fight our own battles.
While reading, one can visualize the things or circumstances that being well described in the book. The book carries great motivational value for people to help them find their true calling.

This book, 90 Steps towards Beginning of a Journey, will help you and will give you a holistic approach to deal with your day-to-day situations which are blocking your way to reach your goal in life.

Thousand Miles: Do you think ‘The Inner Call’ of a person is the real call that one should follow and chase his/her dream?

Deesha Sangani: I personally believe our inner call is the real call; actually the universe does give us a lot of hints but we humans don’t understand or rather ignore it. The one who listens to their calling are the ones successful in life.

Even when I was going through a tough phase I was still able to console people around me. I still remember an incident where one of my colleagues was going through a personal problem. I happened to suggest her and like magic wand the next day she came with a relief on her face and thanked me and said: “Why don’t you start with your blogs?” She further said, ‘You are so influential and could help so many people with your writing and talks”

I did not take it seriously then. A few days passed by. Deep inside, a seed was sown in my mind, and it was the time to water that thought.

I asked myself, what’s my identity? What do I need from my life? It took me some time to realize that your passion is your identity. Like I always tell “Identify your passion, and someday your passion would become your identity“

My journey as a writer had begun the day I decided to write my blogs. However, I was not so technical person and didn’t know how to create a blog first. Thanks to Google that helped me! I had started with my blogs, and barely six people would read and give their opinions on it. Though it didn’t let me down, I kept writing because I knew one thing that if I could make difference even in one person’s life, I would consider it to be ‘wonderful’

A year later, I created my Facebook page so I could reach to more readers. Even at that time, the thought of writing a book never came to my mind. Gradually, I was asked by many ‘why don’t you write a book’ when more and more people were getting inspired and sharing their life-changing experiences after reading my blogs and regular short quotes. I gave a thought of writing a book. Mind you writing a book is easy; however, the procedure is not easy and requires a lot of your time.

When I started to write a book, the thought of ‘Who would publish?’ didn’t come to my mind. Once my book-writing was complete, the next step I took was to research on publishers and approached them. A couple of them rejected straightaway and most of them didn’t bother to come back. Then, one fine day, one of the publishers responded and liked my manuscript and decided to help to publish my book.

I maintained composure, I neither got excited nor nervous, I was quite normal yet I knew what exactly I was heading towards. The final draft of my book came out and it was like a dream becoming a reality. I was clueless about how to express my joy.

Thousand Miles: How do you manage yourself being a speaker, life coach, and an Author all at the same time?

Deesha Sangani: I am currently associated with a Corporate Organization in Bengaluru. So, I am a working professional during the Day and a Writer at night. Apart from being associated with the Corporate MNC & and being a Writer, I am a motivational speaker and Life Coach.

If you follow your passion than you don’t manage because you make time for your passion.

I believe, when you follow your passion then there is no challenge in life. Few things are like dust which needs to be cleared off and not let it become dust torrent. You come across lots of situations in life which seem like a challenge but what we don’t understand is when you are thrown with different situations in life, those situations actually help to bring the best out of you. In the worse situation, comes out the best result. My life was never an easy journey, right from my childhood I had to face a lot of reality.

One thing that I was taught was to take up challenges as learning and shine out in such situations. Today I am a Motivational speaker and an Author but to be where I am today, I had to go through different phases of life. I had to face them, accept them and learn a lesson out of each phase and shine out. When you see challenges as learning you cross the barriers and become successful and not stand in the queue wanting to be successful.

My daily schedule barely has about 4 to 5 hours of sleep because I truly believe that we have a lot of time to sleep. However, the clock is ticking fast and we have very limited time to fulfill our dreams. My success secret is ‘Do what best you can do today, in fact now’

Thousand Miles: The novel ‘90 Steps towards Beginning of a Journey’ shows a strategic approach to deal with your Day-to-day situations which are blocking your way to reach your goal in life. Kindly talk us through.

Deesha Sangani: The book is all about short motivational/articles and stories which will help you and will give you a holistic approach to deal with your day-to-day situations which are blocking your way to reach your goal in life. The book caters to the generation of all kinds. There are a lot of life experiences shared in the book that people can relate to themselves while reading the book. While reading, one can visualize the things or circumstances that being well described in the book. The book carries great motivational value for people to help them find their true calling.

Writing has always been my passion, however, I was never able to bring my inner passion to the outer world. I was among many busy competing with the world and trying to live up to society created rules. When you hit rock bottom you are left with no choice but to rise up, that’s when your inner voice tells you to do something above and beyond without any fear.

I always wanted to have my identity and I learnt one thing which I often tell:

Identify your passion and someday your passion will become your identity

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us.

Deesha Sangani: My biggest achievement is that I am able to change people’s lives in a true sense and when you get emails from your readers thanking enough for changing their lives is absolutely priceless.

Every morning when I wake up I spend a little time for myself before I head to the office. Apart from my daily routine exercises, one of the things that I love doing is checking my emails, especially those emails which you get to see from your readers, who so beautifully thank you for changing their lives.

I remember one of the incidents from my Mumbai event. There was a gentleman who was around more than 60 years, he had picked my book from the bookstore and waited for my event to take place. He heard me and was seated till the end, in the end, he walked up to me and said, “Young Angel you have truly inspired me, to live my remaining life to fulfill my passion.”

Not only that, it is a beautiful feeling when you are told that your debut book has been out of stock much before its release across the globe. In fact, in a month’s time from the release of the book, it was nominated in the International Book Fair by the publishers.

The Book has been tagged as the bestseller across the globe and received a lot of appreciations from across the world.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Deesha Sangani: Definitely, all of us should be allowed to follow our dreams and passion; it all also depends on how we put across to our parents along with what best it means to us. If we follow our passion trust me we will not only earn good but we will actually be happy and content. Those who followed their passion or dreams are the ones who are successful in life and they would be no complaints.

Thousand Miles: Your Book ‘Daily Take Aways’ deals with important aspects such as dream, success, relationship, goals, etc. In this respect, your advice to the novice authors in India to attain success maintaining rest everything in their life.

Deesha Sangani: We All need Daily Take Aways in this Busy World. To live a life full of love, happiness & authenticity. I always believe in today’s world we need quick yet most meaningful take away learning. All the days are not the same, some are good other days are tough to deal with. Daily Take Aways will help us to take away quick learning which will not only change your day but your view towards life.

My advice would be keep writing, I always believe everyone in this universe is different and not everyone’s or everyone’s writing we would connect. Give your best and keep doing what you doing right now. Your writing should change someone’s life truly and that satisfaction is best for any authors.

Thousand Miles: Your favourite book from your present and childhood days?

Deesha Sangani: I don’t have one as such but many books mainly books that are written by Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma & Rhonda Byrne.

Thousand Miles: The Protagonist of the novel ‘She Dared to Dream Through Her Eyes’ survives death, handles break-up and finally finds the purpose in her life. Is the portray of the character Dia inspired by any real-life example? Your advice on how to focus and attain the goal in life.

Deesha Sangani: The portray of the character Dia is there in every one of us in some or other form. Don’t we all come across a phase of life where we have breakups, survives death and find a purpose of life?

Who can stop you from dreaming? Do you need to ask anyone to dream to lead and live a life that you want to live!  Dreams are simplest, yet gets complicated when shared with people around! Strongly believe, and share your dreams when you turn them into reality.

Meet Dia a girl who lived all her life with the tag- An “Average girl”.  Dia was close to the grave, yet the grave didn’t accept her! Travel this journey to know why the grave didn’t accept Dia?

Dia had multiple breakups, stumbled many times in every stage of life, survived death several times, yet she dared to dream! Then there’s Mini-me, given anytime mini-me is with Dia and is part of Dia. Mini-me has been with Dia throughout her journey of life! Mini-me plays a vital role in Dia’s life!

 Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Deesha Sangani: I don’t idolise people, but I admire qualities. I truly believe no one is perfect, but everyone has some good in them. See the good and learn from them

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Water and Life’ issue of our Magazine.

Deesha Sangani: Happy to be featured and able to inspire your readers via my story.


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