They say, ‘destiny is something you can not defy’. This proverb finds its true implementation on Ekta Bhaiya, a fashionista who rose from an unexpected background and proving herself in front of the world stage. Mrs. Bhaiya, the 2nd runners-up in Mrs. India 2016 talks us through her life, achievements and things she believes. Thousand Miles team along with another star fashion designer Nidhi Maheshwari asked Mrs. Bhaiya some questions for this interview in the attempt of knowing her and the driven force behind her that made the great person she is today. Read this exclusive interview with Ekta Bhaiya:

Thousand Miles: What is the driving force that makes you the person today?

Ekta Bhaiya: Every person and incident that has crossed of my life has moulded me. Positive thoughts and negative thoughts have affected me in their own way. Yes, each and everything around me has influenced me. I learnt to stay positive in each and every situation of my life, and I guess, this makes me a happy person.

Thousand Miles: Do you think the advertisement of beauty products highlighting ‘Being fair is everything’ is affecting Indian people mindset?

Ekta Bhaiya: Yes, it is affecting people’s mindset. Even though I do not agree with ‘being fair is everything’. People should go with their thinking rather than following what is on the screen. For me, a person’s inner beauty is more important when comes it is to be with him or her. End of the day, it is your personality that defines you and not the beauty. Beauty fades with time and not your inner beauty!

Thousand Miles: What had prompted you to go for beauty pageant Mrs. Maheshwari in 2015? How was the experience?

Ekta Bhaiya: I have been motivated by a few loved and closed ones. Before 2015, I participated in a local beauty pageant where I was not selected in even top 10. It was around 2007-08. Then came 2015, where Mrs. Navander, motivated me to participate in the upcoming Mrs. Maheshwari. If she was not there by my side, I couldn’t have achieved what I have now. Her constant support and motivation was the backbone for the title Mrs. Maheswari.  She has been a constant help and support till date. (Smiling) With the crown on your head, I was on cloud nine with the limelight.

Thousand Miles: Were your husband and friends supportive to you? If yes, how did they support you?

Ekta Bhaiya:  Yes, my husband and my son both are very supportive. Responsibilities are divided amongst both of us. If I have to say, the support from my husband is 110% as he manages everything backstage whenever I have outside responsibilities and vice-versa. I can face any situation in my life because I know he is behind as a supporting pillar. I being from a conservative family, the news of me participating in a beauty pageant came as a shock to my parents, in-laws and near and dear ones. When it comes to friends, I dedicate this Mrs. India 2nd Runners-up crown to all my friends. Mainly Rashmi Chandawar, who supported me with everything, be it shopping from day one to the event day. My son, Abeer even though a kid, guides me in his own way. He advocates me as to what to eat and what not. He has a great sense of dressing and helps me out every time I am in doubt.

Thousand Miles: Being beautiful and pretty is almost every girl’s dream. What is your opinion on this?

Ekta Bhaiya:  The answer is almost the same I have given earlier. Be beautiful and pretty for the world. For the near and dear ones, you must be beautiful from your heart. You have to have a humble heart for everyone you meet and have a soft corner for everyone you love. It is the heart which is everything, not the face. A beautiful face might attract attention momentarily, but humble nature, inner beauty plays a crucial role.  According to me, everyone is beautiful in their own way, it’s only when you carry yourself with confidence plus grace, you look beautiful.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Bollywood support only the pretty female actors for a movie? Your views on it.

Ekta Bhaiya:  It should be not any pretty female actors that one should look but the factor of being a good actor. A confident, calm and skillful actor is everything a film needs.

Thousand Miles: Does being beautiful and being pretty mean similar to you? Your perspective.

Ekta Bhaiya:  As I have already discussed, everyone is pretty and beautiful to me because it is more into the eyes of the viewers. For me, everyone is beautiful in nature and their appearance.

Thousand Miles: How was the experience when you became the Runners-Up in Mrs. India 2016?

Ekta Bhaiya: I would like to tell you one incident (smiling). The crowd shout of the pageant and the media during Mrs. India 2016 for me and asking to share my feelings. I wanted to feel the moment, enjoy the crown I was like, wait; let me feel the moment and I giggled and laughed as the media go on asking. Jokes apart, it was a lovely experience added in my life. Adding more to it, the support of my mother-in-law who pushed me for this pageant as she was ill and I was about to back out from the event. She insisted on me that I should go for it no matter what as I have given the best of six months of my life.

Thousand Miles: Are you in support of the statement, ‘Success makes a man looks good’?

Ekta Bhaiya: Success makes a man very confident. For being confident, you need to be graceful and to be graceful, you need to smile.

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Ekta Bhaiya: Hmm… Barack Obama.Definitely, him. If a black can rule America, then why can’t a black win a beauty pageant?

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Culture, Traditions and Festivals’ issue of our Magazine.

Ekta Bhaiya: I am very happy, really I am. I am on cloud nine when I was requested for the interview and am the feeling the same now. I love the young and passionate team of your magazine. It was a wonderful experience and would be a wonderful experience as the interview finishes. It had been a great experience for me to interact with the TM team. I am entwined to the TM team by a deep invisible cord of love, affection and respect.

Thousand Miles: what are the NGOs or social cause you are attached to?

Ekta Bhaiya: Currently, I am associated with CMCA, FTS (Friends for Tribal Society) and We Dare (Global Organization). We FTS, we are presently running 55,000 schools across the country. FTS runs for these schools all over India for the betterment of tribal kids. We dare to work for the welfare and upliftment of women. CMCA imparts moral and civic values to students in the main motto.

Thousand Miles: If given a chance to relieve your life, would you like to change any of the phases of your life?

Ekta Bhaiya: This sounds interesting…. umm actually no!! I would never change any phase of my life. All the ups and downs of my life have made me a person that I am today. If I would change any of those, there is a high chance that I am not the person as I am today!

Thousand Miles: How do you drive your life? (Priority to something specific thing?)

Ekta Bhaiya: Life… balance is life. Balance in everything, be it money, family, responsibility; if one can balance, he will lead a happy life!! The need to grow up emotionally is vital for each of us. Emotional maturity is directly proportional to good mental health.

Thousand Miles: Apart from being an engineer and an interior designer, what other interests and quality do you posses?

Ekta Bhaiya: I learnt Rajasthani Dance from Guruji Roop Singh Ji Shekhawat. I have a diploma in Rajasthani dance. I am thankful to him in many ways; it is only because of his dedication and hard work that I begged quite number of trophies at district level. He is a man of principle and discipline.

Thousand Miles: What is the role of Simran Madam as a mentor in your life?

Ekta Bhaiya: I am always in debt to my mentor, Simran Madam for lessons applicable everywhere, be it the ramp of fashion or ramp of life. I still remember one session where she made me cry for hours just to overcome my sadness and fear. She taught me those valuable life lessons where now no amount of negativity can affect me!!

A glimpse into her daily Lifestyle:

The lifestyle that makes her fit and fresh includes 15 km of regular cycling, Surya Namaskar and Aerobic session. These activities that she does contributes to her physical strength. For keeping her mind peaceful, she practices meditation and pranayam on a regular basis. She consumes a lot of water as she believes frequent hydrating is good for health and mind. Strictly, she does not prefer supplements like protein shakes and all. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, she herself makes sure she has all vitamins and minerals mainly from natural sources. Whenever she goes for brunch or lunch or supper she avoids oily, sugar and spice foods. Most interestingly she eagerly waits for her own cheat day.