Ira Trivedi is the bestselling author of What Would You Do to Save the World? (2006), The Great Indian Love Story (2009) and There Is No Love on Wall Street (2011). Her latest book and first work of non-fiction is India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st century, a landmark book on India’s new social revolution in marriage and sexuality.

Thousand Miles Team had a nice conversation regarding her past novels and upcoming one along with her hobbies and interests 

TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your novels ‘What Would You Do to Save the World? (2006), The Great Indian Love Story (2009) and There Is No Love on Wall Street (2011) ‘?

Ira: The story for these three novels was my own life, and also of the people around me… typically thats where writing starts, inspired by your own life.

 TM: Tell us briefly about your novels. All these complete fictions?

Ira: My first three novels are fiction, the latest India in Love is a work of non-fiction based on research, analysis, and four years of travel, ad documentation.

 TM: Did you ever get any rejections for your novel? If yes how did you react to them?

Ira: Yes, my first novel was rejected by all publishers except for Penguin. You gotta be strong to be a writer, and take rejections in our stride.

TM: How did you come up with the titles?

Ira: The titles usually just come… one fine day when you least expect it.ir3

TM:How do you usually find your ideas?

Ira: My ideas are usually inspired either by my own experiences, or those of the people surrounding me.

TM:What are the major challenges that you have faced in writing these books?

Ira: Books are always hard work. The most difficult is actually sitting down and beginning to write. Sometimes it takes hours just to do that. Its funny how the mind just doesnt want to be disciplined.

TM: How has been the response and does it fulfil your expectations as a writer?

The response has been overwhelming, and I try not to have expectations as they always result in disappointment. Its best to do your duty without thought of the fruits. (Inspired by the Geeta.)

TM: Do you see writing as a career? Please provide some suggestions to novice writers in this regard?

Ira: Yes I do, for myself. I only suggest that people get into it though when they are financially very sound. That is important.

TM: Is there any message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?

Ira: Yes… my books about the dark side of love. Though they are very much love stories, they are satires on love. I always hope that my books have take-aways for Indias young.

TM: What are your hobbies besides writing? Yours other interests and passions.

Ira: Yoga! I am a trained yoga teacher and I volunteer regularly. Its keeps me fit, balanced, active and healthy.

TM: Any particular genre you would like to write about more?

I would love my next book to be fiction. I have spent a long time doing non fiction which is great, but fiction is hopefully the next.

TM: Any new book you are preparing to launch or writing for your fans?ira4

Ira: See answer below.

          Yes.. There are some exciting projects lined up after India in Love. A book for my younger readers. Something paper-back, lighter and quite a bit of fun!

TM: Do you have to travel much concerning your book? If yes, how was the travel from place to place?

Ira: Yes, I have an extensive book tour around the country. Most excitingly, I have a tie in with Starbucks stores around the country where I will be promoting my book and doing readings. Its very hectic, and hard, but also very rewarding. I enjoy it.

TM: Who designed the covers and helped you in publishing your books?
Ira: This is all my publisher. I typically have nothing to do with the covers.

TM: Which is your favourite book and favourite author of all times?

My favourite book is Gone with the Wine and my favourite author is Margaret Mitchell. I do wish she had written more than one book.. Though how amazing was that booK!

TM: Any message you want to deliver to your fans and modern Indian writing trend?

Ira: I am really happy it is progressing in such a positive and good direction. I really look forward to the future.

TM: Kindly tell us about ‘India In Love’. ( Inspirations and story in brief )

 Ira: All my three previous books were novels. Though they were stepped in reality, they were very much fictionalised. India in Love is my first work of non-fiction. I first thought of writing this book when I began writing articles on changing notions of love, sex and marriage. These articles had great traction and so I decided to explore these themes for a book. I spent 6 months just trying to see whether I had one book, or two, or three. What I discovered then was fascinating… the magnitude of India’s sexual revolution was enormous.

 TM :Please share your views regarding the current Lok Sabha Election undergoing.ira

Ira: Its the Great Indian Circus to be honest! What a crazy show we are having.. Its exciting though, and I look forward to some very positive change in the future. The Indian voter is smart now, and India is desperate for change. I hope we get the future we deserve.

TM: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘anniversary Issue of our magazine Thousand Miles.

Ira: This is fantastic! Im feeling happy and proud about that.