KRISHNA VERMA alias Deepak Verma is a Software Engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India. He was born and brought up in district Jalandhar at Punjab and is the author of ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN‘. Akshay, our team mate had a nice interaction with Mr.Krishna regarding his novel.

TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your novel ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN‘?

KRISHNA: I must say when you are in love never promise anything and if you do then keep that promise intact so did I. And as the title says ‘I will love once again’, a few broken hearts on my way who gave upon life after untying from their loved ones inspired me to write something which could actually shift them to new hope with cream of present and pinch of past in it.

TM: Tell us briefly about your novels. Are All these complete fictions?

KRISHNA: As of now i am just owner of one book, rest in pipeline, definitely they are not completely fiction. Like charity begins at home likewise writing starts with story of someone known. And who else knows you better than you!

TM: Did you ever get any rejections for your novel? If yes how did you react to them?

KRISHNA: I was little fortunate in this regard that I never had to face any struggle while publishing as i just contacted one publisher and they respected & regarded my work making me an author to what could have been just a dream of getting published. I just had two line conversation and i was an author the moment I kept the phone.

ME- Hi I have written a novel? Do you charge anything for publishing?krishna verma, deepak verma ,i will love once again21

Publisher- haha..(Laughs). As long as your story is convincing we don’t charge else we won’t accept,

as simple as that.

Me- Smiled (somewhere my heart knew that I have what they are asking for )

TM: How did you come up with the titles?

KRISHNA: The moment i started with the first line i knew the title would be ‘I WILL FALL IN LOVE ONCE AGAIN’ but later i just cut it short and made it little appealing when i said ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN’. Titles are born then created, so it was.

TM: How do you usually find your ideas?

KRISHNA: The idea behind an idea is to keep it as simple as it could be. Everything we think and write becomes an Idea if it is liked by audience. Honestly haven’t generated any vigorous idea but have written what has happened and what’s happening with all.

TM: What are the major challenges that you have faced in writing these books?

KRISHNA: Writing a book is not a challenge, i feel anyone can write but challenge comes when the book is out in the market, No matter how good or worse you write, all in vain if it doesn’t reach the audience. So the challenge is post publishing.

TM: How has been the response and does it fulfill your expectations as a writer?

KRISHNA: It is awesome. I always feel great when people say ‘I finished your book in just one sitting, can you please tell me what happened next? ‘. I always end up smiling that I never thought it will be loved beyond my expectations. Many people do message me ‘I felt as if you are sitting next to me and sharing snippets which I think are just like what has happened to me’

TM: Do you see writing as a career? Please provide some suggestions to novice writers in this regard?

KRISHNA: Feel free to write what you want to, writing should be a passion not profession; feel blessed even if you be able to reach one reader. Trust me you will end up reaching millions.

TM: Is there any message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?

KRISHNA: ‘I will love once again’ has very simple message for all ‘There are certain things in life that are planned, destined and decided. No matter how hard you try to achieve them you end up in achieving something better and best for you’

TM: What are your hobbies besides writing? We have checked that you have directed short films and you acted as well.

KRISHNA: Being an IT engineer I never knew I could explore that much, I love acting and I feel it comes to me naturally and direction is just that I can do by heart. I felt great when I got mails, messages from the viewers who watched my short film that they were so touch and cried while watching it. As of now I have directed ‘THE LAST MESSAGE’ which is an emotional journey towards death and the other is ‘HAUNTED-902’ which is under post production, and soon be online. Besides this i like playing guitar and honestly as a Manager in my IT Company i treat my job as my hobby as well ;).

TM: Any particular genre you would like to write about more?

KRISHNA: Reality wrapped with the title of fiction generates something that’s REAL-ICTION. I would love to explore this field as of now. People feel rational with what’s happening around, feels excellent if they can feel protagonist in their town.

TM: Any new book you are preparing to launch or writing for your fans?

KRISHNA: Yes there is, I got a chance to work with Bollywood writer/ Director ‘Indervesh Yogi ‘as an assistant director for his Rom-com LOVE KE FUNDAY, when he simply asked me to work on his concept/novel. So with little flavour of mine added to his, we are coming up with another novel as of now ‘Untitled’. It’s a story that will showcase life in Dream city, Mumbai. How relations are, what extent they live up to with their expectations. How they deal with modern thoughts with changing definition of Love? Definitely inspired from real life characters & incidents, Hope that it will hit the stores as soon as the movie will hit the theatres.

In addition to that I am working on the sequel of I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN.

krishna verma, deepak verma ,i will love once again27TM: Do you have to travel much concerning your book? If yes, how was the travel from place to place?

KRISHNA: Honestly not as of now. Most of them are just what I have seen, so I guess I have enough memory to remember the places and incidents.

TM: Who designed the covers and helped you in publishing your books?

KRISHNA: I always have an idea what I wanted on the cover so I just explained to my friend who is good at designing. Tarun designs my cover and he is basically from my hometown.

TM: Which is your favourite book and favourite author of all times?

KRISHNA: I adore ‘Geeta’ and we all know who the Author is.

TM: Any message you want to deliver to your fans and modern Indian writing trend?

KRISHNA: If there is no reason for failure then there is no reason why one not achieves success. Tread upon what you get on the way and if you won’t achieve what you want, you will surely achieve what the greats have fought for i.e. ‘The Experience & knowledge’. Modern writing is just like our modern movies, just for entertainment. Indian authors are trying hard to convince readers that there work is what they can cherish. So here and there try to read as much as one could, because you never know which writer might suit your reading style.

TM: Kindly tell us about ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN’. (Story behind and in brief)

KRISHNA: I am person who actually concentrate more on emotions and human psychology at that point of time, so i may not give emphasis in describing what’s around the scene, I focus on what one will think and behave at particular situation. So the book is simple and story is around When you lose love in life you often think that you should gave up, but there is always another option to try and find Love again, so a hope together with determination and affirmative thought of achieving it is successfully presented by Protagonist who narrates the story as if he is sharing his secret with you. Writing was there in my mind but actually started when one of my friends Varun who is one of the characters in the Novel refused to read my diary pages, Simer was also there with me at that time who is another important character and witty one, we were staying together at Subhash nagar delhi when he started.

Varun- I can’t read it yar, i am little busy.

Me- (frowned face) looking at him with desperate eyes and hope that he will read and suggest.

Simer- Oh dafa kar isnu-Show me I will read

Though I was least interested in showing it to Simer, as i know he hardy understands and read

anything, Reluctant with weird expression i gave him when Varun exprssed )

Varun- why don’t you write a novel? Include our training period and fun we did.

Simer – (was about to read showing full interest like a perfect critic)

Me-( Smiled , in a split second snatched my diary from simer)

Simer- (Ki hoya pai). What happened?

Me- Now read only once it will be in market.

Simer- Dafa ho..Get lost

And then he Read the very next day when book was launched.

TM: As an actor/Director which is your FAVOURITE HOLLYWOOD OR BOLLYWOOD Movie. NAME

SOME 😀 ?

KRISHNA: As such i can’t put any movie in my favourite list, as I like many. I know how much effort one puts behind the scenes; Ikrishna verma, deepak verma ,i will love once again2 feel every movie with that kind of an effort is my favourite movie. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Even I love watching Punjabi movies as well.

TM: Your thoughts on being featured in our magazine Thousand Miles.

KRISHNA: It was good interacting with Akshay. For me featuring anywhere is great honour, it’s a good experience when people ask you for an interview or talk about your work. I heard a lot about thousand miles, the amount of work they put behind to develop something. It’s immense pleasure to be part of such a theme.

I wish a lot of success for thousand miles and as their name says may they cover many more miles than that.

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