Plain, Ham-fisted girl-next-door… Daydreams too much… Tries her best to follow altruism! 🙂 – This is Kritika Malhotra in her own words… A Delhite from the University of Delhi has come up with her debut novel titled “It’s Always been You…”

Here’s an interview with the upcoming writer  ‘Kritika Malhotra’ with your own magazine, “Thousand Miles”

Our very first question to her was about the inspiration behind writing the novel… It’s Always been you…” To this, she calmly replied: “Being brought up on a staple diet of Mills and Boons, fairy tales and clichéd dreams of happily ever after I’ve always been an utter sucker for corny tales. So much so that at times I would perceive my own life to be shambled and hackneyed. In those moments of madness, I had this sudden desire to give permanence to the thoughts that toyed inside me. Chained down by angst, curiosity and random feelings I was quite convinced that I am round the clock freak and penned down a complete script. Although the very thought that it would get published, appeared too fragile a dream to come to fruition, I am no longer living in denial. Touchwood.”

Then we asked her to share something about her debut novel to which she replied with a smile: “It’s Always Been You..” is a story straight from the heart. It reflects situations many of us often come across in our lives. We are romping to glory in one moment and in another split second we could be ridiculously miserable. That’s how life is! Juggling with umpteen emotions, conflicts between heart and mind, fears of the faceless pains, chasing the dreams, loving someone beyond belief. All summed up in one: That’s my book! She also adds a smile and asks us to grab a copy of her book! 

We asked her if the storyline she selected was her imagination or can be related to her life or her friend’s?? She defended this question saying it to be a fictional story… to which she also added “I understand people relate the protagonist Maully to me but to put it in simple words: Maully is too pretty to be me and I am too plain to be her. She is anyone but me. All characters are pseudonyms. It’s not for me to share anyone’s identities. Since I am using a public platform and being very candid, it won’t be fair to relate it to the people surrounding me. I am no one to reveal anything about anyone’s life. Fiction, all of it! Period.”

We asked her to share her experience, troubles, jolly moments that she encountered while coming up with her novel… she replied to this in a very different way…

“In my novel, the protagonist Maully has been reflected as confused, helpless, restless, a bit shallow and a frustrated teenager. To write about the dilemma that haunts Maully, the very gist of the storyline where I drape her with vulnerability, to create that tension was quite a challenge in itself. I had almost escaped in some another world where I was too emotionally engaged with the characters, floating with them. Those very sentiments were the force that drove me to write and sometimes even exhausted me. As Jacques Benigne Bossuel quotes it rightly…“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand”. The one statement that summarizes it all.”- This is what she faced with writing her novel…

Rejection of the novel: she tackled this situation in a positive way saying “I mailed my script to just two publishers and that too diffidently. One rejected it and the other selected it. Selection nullified for rejection and didn’t really seem to bother.”

Where does she find her ideas… “Knowingly and unknowingly I have this habit of observing situations and things around me to the very depth. I often strain my head thinking too much. I am always trying to untangle the tangled mess, always fighting back some emotion. Hence ideas keep popping inside me. All in all, despite my quite obvious madness I have been published now. Voila! (Smiles…)”

After this, we asked her if she will take writing as her career. She replied: “I am a keen and a passionate writer. I do have a way with words or say words have a way with me. But to think of it as a profession seems unrealistic and a career in writing might not be my cup of tea.”

Her favorite pass times apart from writing are dancing where she added this and burst out into a laugh…. She also loves watching lawn tennis…

Any new book you are preparing to launch or writing for your fans? This was our question to her… where she replied –“All the overwhelming and affirmative response I have received for IABY has been quite encouraging. It has surely motivated me to start on my second one! Let’s see how long it takes. I hope to finish it pronto.”

On asking her about the cover design & publisher of her book, she thanked her publisher, MAHAVEER for their constant support and guidance have shown towards her and all the neophytes who are under their protective wings.

We asked her if she wanna deliver any message to her fans.

She laughed out saying “MY FANS”… keeping jokes apart…: “I would just want to say that there’s a reason behind everything that happens, just believe in yourself and keep going! Who knows one day you might just conquer the world?” she added a point on modern writing trend of India… : “I think it’s on an all-time high with so many young authors emerging who are absolutely brilliant, confident, candid and awesome. Indian authors are here to stay with their realistic and practical stories with which readers can soulfully connect.”

Lastly, she shared her experience on being featured in the anniversary issue of our magazine Thousand Miles. : “I feel really honored and humbled. This being my first ever interview, as an author indicates that now the journey has finally commenced. I really hope this is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come. Both for me and ‘Thousand Miles’.