A bright Science student turned thriller writer, Namrata Gupta adopted literature gracefully as she graduates from Hans Raj College, DU. She believes herself to be a reflective person who seeks beauty in the depth of the words of poetry, a believer who believes in the magic of words and a reacher who wants to reach out to people through her pen. Thousand Miles team in an exclusive talk with the author.

Thousand Miles INC: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘A Silent Promise’?

Author Namrata Gupta: Platonic love with purest emotions combined with the wild spirit of breaking free from existing social norms and patterns which come in the way of free love. The idea of finding oneself again after feeling that everything has been lost and life doesn’t have any meaning anymore, like in the case of Avantika from the book, made me write the book. Soul connections happen regardless of the boundaries that the physical world contains.

Avantika fulfils the promise she has made to Keith in her heart and his life purpose ultimately becomes hers. That’s the beauty of love. Unsaid words, deeply felt emotions, spiritual connection, shared life goals and raw emotions are what makes love the best feeling ever.

Thousand Miles INC: Do you think ‘The Inner Call’ of a person is the real call that one should follow and chase his/her dream?

Author Namrata Gupta: Absolutely. I don’t think that one should try and fit into something or try and be someone that doesn’t define him. The Inner Call is what drives your passion, what you yearn for and what makes you who you are. Not chasing who you are and what gives your life a meaning, makes you someone you are not. In the end you’ll just lose that glitter in your eyes and your spark will fade away if you suppress your own self.

The Inner Call makes you alive. And you don’t deserve to die from the inside.

Thousand Miles INC: We have heard you were a bright Science Student. Was it difficult for you to turn from a Science background to Literature ? How did you manage the transition?

Author Namrata Gupta: Honestly, it wasn’t difficult. I am the kind of person who cannot do something just for the sake of it. I can’t do something I don’t feel inclined towards. I need to feel things and have a really hard time carrying on with something for political reasons. So, like always, I just listened to my heart and took up Literature for my graduation. But that doesn’t mean that my decision wasn’t opposed by people. It was. But I had the full support of my family and they asked me to choose what I wanted to do by myself.

It isn’t that I don’t like Science. Science fascinates me. But Literature had my heart. Managing the transition wasn’t difficult because I already had the habit of reading a lot. Taking up Literature opened me more towards different world views.

Thousand Miles INC: How was the feeling when you received tons of love from your readers and  pre-booking of your second Novel ‘The Full Circle.. Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery’?

Author Namrata Gupta: It felt amazing! Whenever I get a message from a reader, I am motivated to write even better so that I live up to their expectations and don’t disappoint them. Readers have shown immense love after reading ‘A Silent Promise’ and they have honoured me by calling me their favourite author. Some have even tagged me in favourite author memes on social media. That itself is an achievement for me.

The pre-bookings helped me get rid of the initial anxiety that takes over on Day One of the Book Launch but I was also very anxious about getting reviews from those people. I wanted them to show as much love to this book as they had shown to the first one. And fortunately, everyone gave me good responses.

Thousand Miles INC: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Author Namrata Gupta: I recently attended a wedding wherein I met my distant relatives. I was even meeting some of them for the first time in my life and didn’t even know their names. I was sitting by myself when a relative came over to sit with me and the first thing she asked me was if I was the girl who writes books. I was pleased to be identified by my profession. I think it’s a great feeling for every professional. Being known for what you do makes the efforts worth it.

Thousand Miles INC: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Author Namrata Gupta: Yes, without any second thoughts. Your passion keeps you going. Even if you don’t follow your passion professionally like cricket is a passion for many but profession for some, you should always take some time off to pursue it on a personal level. It keeps you motivated and sane.

Thousand Miles INC: How do you learn to write such captivating romantic novels/thrillers? We would like to know as it may help some novice writers trying to establish.

Author Namrata Gupta: For me, writing has always come from within. One just needs to align and represent his or her thoughts and feelings better. One only gets better with time. Just pour your heart out without any fear of judgements.

I was really fascinated by the idea of penning down a thriller with all its mystery, intricacies, a sequence of events and connecting of dots in a way that keeps the readers engaged and guessing. Keeping in mind the main plot, connecting dots, a sequence of events and major events in the story, I recently wrote a short thriller story titled ‘One wedding, Three Murders’, which is available for download on Amazon.

Thousand Miles INC: Your favourite book from your present and childhood days?

Author Namrata Gupta: ‘Jane Eyre’  by Charlotte Bronte has been a long time favourite. At present, I am liking Murakami’s works.

Thousand Miles INC: In your first novel, Avantika’s second love, Professor Keith makes her realize that there are better prospects of life and there are pains and sadness in the world much bigger and greater than hers. Can love happen twice like we saw in case of Avantika and could it really change the person in a better way? Your Views.

Author Namrata Gupta: I feel that love can happen twice although one may face a lot of resistance towards even the idea of falling in love again, initially. Usually, it only happens after a lot of healing and work done on oneself. In Avantika’s case, her second love is also the person who helps her heal, who breaks her free from her resistance towards feeling anything and who shows her what real unconditional love is. Once you are rid of the negative emotions and open to free love, you change for the better.

I feel that love always teaches us something. Even when we are heartbroken or feel cheated, we learn a lot of things about ourselves and life. It acts as an eye-opener. It makes us realise what we really want in life, helps us raise our self-esteem and not settle for something which makes us feel small. We grow in the process, which only makes us better and we get to know what love really is. Love is not a bed of roses. Love is not being afraid of the thorns that come with the roses.

Thousand Miles INC: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Namrata Gupta: I would love to meet George R.R. Martin and would love to know what goes on in his mind when he looks at things. His imagination and thoughts must really be fascinating!

Thousand Miles INC: We, the Indians love our Bollywood movies and actors related to those. Which actress would you like to see playing the role of for Avantika from your novel ‘A Silent Promise’ if it is adapted into full-fledged Hindi Movie or a Netflix Series?

Author Namrata Gupta: I think I would like to see Alia Bhatt playing Avantika because she matches that age group and has a persona that would suit the protagonist’s transition from a college fresher to a strong, dedicated and determined individual by the end of the book.

Thousand Miles INC: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘New Year 2019’ issue of our Magazine.

Author Namrata Gupta

I am really delighted to get this opportunity. It really means a lot and I have loved answering all your interesting questions. At no point while answering your questions did I feel that it was a drag. It feels great to be featured in your magazine and reach out to so many people. It’s like a childhood dream come true. Thanks a lot, team