Defying the trend of an Indian society where engineering studies are in high demand and worshiped like anything, a young girl from Nagpur left her on-going degree program in Industrial Engineering for her passion for Fashion Designing. On her journey, she was fully supported by her parents for the significant change in her career from Engineering to Fashion Designing and there after her destiny took her to something extra-ordinary. We, at Thousand Miles in an exclusive talk with Ms. Fashionista Maheshwari. Here goes the interview:

TM: What motivates you to participate in ‘London Fashion Week’?

NM: LFW is an international platform to showcase your designs and to flaunt what Indian culture and heritage are all about.

TM: What was the in-citation of your mind while you left a popular course like ‘Industrial Engineering’ and opted for Fashion Designing as your career?

NM: Even though I was doing good in Academics, somehow I couldn’t see myself performing the role of the engineer.My mind was simply elsewhere.

TM: How was the feeling when your work had been highlighted by Vogue Magazine?

NM: When we got to know that our work has been featured in Vogue.UK, the feeling was unbelievable.We were practically over the moon since we were probably the first student designers from India who were given this privilege.    

TM: What does ‘Sangaha’ means? What does this collection depict?

NM: “Sangaha” is a Sanskrit word which means Sangam or Union.This collection is a blend of Hindu, Mughal and British cultures. The Ikat depicts Hindu culture, Floral comes from Mughals and Checks from Britishers.Similarly, present day Indian is a union of all these cultures.

TM: How do you get exposed to the artistic culture of Hindu, Mughal and British Royal styles as a whole?

NM: History was one of my favourite subjects in school and I could visualise the Kings, Queens in their royal splendour as the teacher went about explaining the topic to us.So when it came to picking on inspiration the first thought was reliving those childhood visions.

TM: All the other contestants from Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) selected for London Fashion Week’s (LFW) Spring Summer 2017 edition were superb in their own way. How did you gather confidence in facing the competition?

NM: Each one was unique in their own way.No one came across as a threat or competition to me.They have always been like family, and you never compete with your family.            

TM: Are your parents supportive of the career you have chosen? If yes, how do they inspire you? What are your future plans?

NM: My mom has always been a true inspiration to me.She always motivates me to give my best.And my dad always makes it a point to discuss fashion with me.He loves to discuss his ideas with me so that I can sketch the same for him. In fact, my whole family has been a constant support. Like every student who takes up Fashion as a career, I too dream about having my own label.

TM: Have you receive any failure? If yes, how did you cope up?

NM: God has been kind to me and I think I have not faced any big failures in my life.         

TM: Does a girl need to be a real-life diva to choose this career or just passion is enough? What do you think?

NM: Being real diva is not at all important, but only being passionate is not enough but you should have good aesthetics also.     

TM: Do your friends and community have started treating as a celebrity once you have returned LFW 2017? How does this change your daily life?

NM: Nothing has changed, I am still the same as I was before I left for LFW. Maybe people look at me differently now, which I find hard to digest.

TM: Would you like to work with Bollywood superstars in future?

NM: Absolutely, like every other Indian kid I too have grown up with my regular dose of Hindi cinema. And if I get an opportunity to be a part, it would be fabulous.

TM: What do you think regarding the advertisements from various beauty product giants which depict a girl and portray her to be beautiful to achieve success in life?

NM: My idea of beauty is something which gives you confidence. So, if a person believes that she is beautiful her confident body language will make others believe so too. 

TM: Your favourite time pass and hobbies.

NM: I am a lazy person at heart, so if there is nothing pressing enough, I rather take a good nap.      

TM: Do you follow any popular Fashion Designer in India and abroad whom you want to meet?

NM:  I don’t believe in following any designer in particular as such because I believe if you do so then you tend to copy his style.

TM: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Shades of Life’ issue of our Magazine ‘Thousand Miles’

NM: The very fact that it is run by young entrepreneurs made an instant connect and besides I looked at it as an opportunity to exhibit my work to the world.