Nimish Tanna, author of two best sellers, ‘Moments of Truth‘ and ‘Divyastra‘ is an I.T. engineer and a postgraduate in International business management. Nimish worked with various organizations including a short stint as an entrepreneur. Before moving abroad, he headed the sales function for a leading Outbound experience and adventure equipment brand – Headrush Ventures, Mumbai. He has been invited as a motivational speaker in various national and international platforms. Nimish is happily married and currently works with a leading media giant in Auckland, New
Zealand. Thousand Miles Team in an exclusive interview with Nimish Tanna. Read Below:

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘Moments of Truth’? Was writing a novel your childhood dream?

Author Nimish Tanna: Writing was never an option even in my wildest dreams. It all happened very organically. To be honest, the real motivation behind ‘Moments of Truth’ was purely a therapeutic exercise. I had just completed my post graduate diploma and was onto a conventional steady corporate job but there was a void inside me and that began to overwhelm me. It didn’t take me long to realise that a creative outlet was all I needed and hence, a therapeutic exercise became my first book.

Thousand Miles: The young generation now-a-days is not focussing on their goals and are attached to social media and online games. Your way of looking into the matter.

Author Nimish Tanna: I, in fact, feel the opposite. I feel that today’s generation is way more focussed on what they want.  I wish I was this clear back in my college days. However, what some of them lack is an understanding of the value of hard work and sincerity.

Thousand Miles: Other than an author, a motivational speaker, an engineer and successful corporate career, what other qualities do you possess?

Author Nimish Tanna: Well, I am currently learning and practicing the art of screenwriting, if you would count that as a quality per se.

Thousand Miles: Your 2ndnovel ‘Divyastra’ is a perfect blend of science and mythology. As an individual and an Indian, do you truly believe in our ancient mythology?

Author Nimish Tanna: Belief is a very strong word. It can even cause a war between two nations just because one believes opposite to the other. Hence, it is important that we understand the word first and in order to understand ‘belief,’ we need to understand ‘Truth.’ In DevduttPattanaik’s words, Truth  comes in two forms. Universal truth and individual truth. A truth that is same for everyone and cannot be denied, is a universal truth also known as a fact. However, a truth that is true just for me and not everyone else, is an individual truth. To answer your question, I grew up listening and reading to ancient mythological stories, just like almost every kid my age in those times, so that has become my truth, my belief.

Thousand Miles: Are you in support of the statement, ‘Success makes a man look good’? Kindly explain your perspective into this.

Author Nimish Tanna: Well, definitely I agree with this statement. However, by looking good, I look at it as being attractive and success can make one very attractive. I do not refer to physical attraction here, but rather a more spiritual attraction. A successful person projects an aura, a vibe that attracts more success to come their way, like a magnet. 

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Nimish Tanna: This is a tough choice. From someone dead, I would like to meet Hitler. Although, I am curious to understand the thought process and ideologies of a mind that has caused so much evil and turned monstrous, I wish if I could meet him before he committed the genocide.  I wish there was a way to stop him and save 6 million innocent lives.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Author Nimish Tanna: The one that comes to mind is something that happened very recently. My parents’ first visit to me in New Zealand. It is very special because it was also my father’s first proper vacation in 30 years.

Thousand Miles: The protagonist of your novel ‘Divyastra’, Shankar, in search of his own identity digs up secrets in relation to his mystical father. Do you think we as an Indian should be mindful rather than fascinated by our own ancient Indian Mythology and Technology, making Kalam’s dream of Superpower India a reality? Kindly talk us through.

Author Nimish Tanna: Based on my limited knowledge, I reckon with the core theme of the book ‘Divyastra,’ which is, “The answers to our future lies in our past.”

Thousand Miles: Would you like to advice to our novice writers who are writing their first novel/book of their lives? As a new writer/author, what are the things one should be careful about?

Author Nimish Tanna: A first novel can be really exciting and equally daunting. Hence, it is very important that you don’t lose your own voice amidst the million opinions out there. So, write what you really believe in. Once the book is complete, do not let your wishful thinking overpower your pragmatism.  See it for what it is and not for what you want it to be.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Author Nimish Tanna: Of course, more so for Indian parents. It is high time, our youth just don’t go to work, but go to work they are passionate about.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Anniversary Issue’ of our Magazine.

Author Nimish Tanna: I feel honoured and privileged. Thank you for your support and I wish the magazine great success.