Nitin Kumar Khare belongs to the flamboyant city of Panna. The city which is famous for tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond and mines. He is a MBA graduate with schooling from Sainik School. He is man who is in search of creative inspiration from the nature and the environment round him. He started a venture called ‘De Murals’ few times back. His Debut Novel ‘I LOVED A STREET WOMAN’ is creating vibes on book market and among the readers. Thousand Miles Team had a nice chat with him regarding his debut novel, his personal life, interests, hobbies, etc.
1. What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘I LOVED A STREET WOMAN ‘?
Nitin: It’s simply the zeal to tell stories. Its just destiny that ‘I LOVED A STREET WOMAN’ is my first published book. I already have some 4-5 semi brewed novels, which will be published as and when their time comes.
2. Tell us briefly about your debut novel. Is this a complete fiction?
Nitin: I don’t believe there is anything like complete fiction. Somewhere down the line, an author shares his experiences through his stories. As far as I LOVED A STREET WOMAN is concerned, most of the story is a work of fiction as I have no intentions of writing a book based on my life; at least in near future.
3. Did you ever get any rejections for your novel? If yes how did you react to them?

Nitin: Rejections are a part and parcel of life. I got almost 15 rejections but my soul was convinced that the book will reach into the hands of readers. Even after rejections, I kept on working on my script. In fact, I have 14 drafts (in the attempt of improvements) of my story, so my rejections exceed my drafts only by a digit.

4. How did you come up with the title?

Nitin: I wanted to keep the title a simple yet a special one. Every boy dreams of a princess, whereas simplicity is the most revered jewel; so sarcastically I tentatively gave it the current title and the publishers were more than happy to accept the same.

5. How do you usually find your ideas?

Nitin: Form people of the country! I travel a lot and I just keep on finding those pieces of stories which can put them well in place and complete the grand jigsaw puzzle of a novel; of course, a lot of creative efforts are needed in though processes like the big question what if this thing would have happened so?’

6.  What are the major challenges that you have faced in writing this book?

Nitin: Challenges were many. This is the grand age of computers and I am not that tech savvy, my typing speed was pathetic and is still poor. After completing full scripts of three novels, my hard disk got crashed. Those were tough days when you have to fight for your bread and butter. Its now only that I have managed to recover my data.There were innumerous other challenges which I feel were equal opportunities for learning new things.

7. How has been the response and does it fulfill your expectations as a writer?

Nitin: The response is awesome. Readers have shared their reviews a lot. I never expected such a great love from the readers.

8. Do you see writing as a career?

Nitin: Is this still a question? I have already made it as my choice for my career.
 9. Is there any message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?

Nitin: Love wins; Love always wins. It’s just that you have to keep your heart open for it.

10.   What are your hobbies besides writing? Your other interests and passions.

Nitin: My other creative passions include painting and poetry. I have started a wall painting venture as ‘De Murals’.

11. Any particular genre you would like to write about more?

Nitin: I won’t love to keep myself bound to any genre. I would keep writing as and when a story brews me.

12. Any new book you are preparing to launch or writing for your fans?

Nitin: I have a lot in stores for my readers (I don’t call them fans; instead I consider myself as their fan) I will keep on offering my best stories time to time to my readers.

13. Do you have to travel much concerning your book? If yes, how was the travel from place to place?

Nitin: I love traveling and I have traveled a lot for my book as well.The response and the readers have always been wonderful.

14.   Who designed the covers and helped you in publishing the book?

Nitin: I myself designed a number of cover pages and the publishers selected one of them.

15.   Which are your favourite book and favourite author of all times?

Nitin: Mirza Ghalib’s compilations are something I love to read time and again and again.

16.   Any message you want to deliver to your fans and modern Indian writing trend?

Nitin: Thanks for their love and support. I will always try my best to come up with stories which should be worthy enough to spend their hard-earned money.

17.  Since your novel depicts a love story. So, what according to you a ‘Real Love’ should be? What are the elements it should consist of?


Nitin: For me its ‘faith’ which is the most important thing in real love. when all is against you and they have proved you guilty, your love should be able to have faith in your innocence.

18. Why is it that most of the successful love stories end with the death of one of the protagonist. Do you think your story would have lost its essence if ‘Umrao’ was kept alive?

Nitin: frankly speaking, even I don’t know the answer, but then maybe because I had to depict the highest possible limit of sacrifice. As I told I have a draft of a happy ending as well, which I may use in the ‘motion picture’ version; which may be very soon on the cards.

TM:   Your thoughts on being featured in the NEW YEAR ISSUE of our magazine Thousand Miles.

Nitin: Thanks for appreciating and acknowledging my work.After the book, I never expected to get the love and honor of being featured in the new year (or any) issue of any magazine. I will keep working hard to keep up with your expectations…