An interview with the author of the “best-seller” book- “A Thing Beyond Forever”
Well, Thousand Miles interviewing Mr. Novoneel Chokroborty the author of “A Things Beyond Forever” early in this year, and the first question to him was, “What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel?” Replying to this he explained as “Of all the plots I had in mind when I decided to become a storyteller, the plot line of ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ excited me the most. Hence I zeroed in on it. Apart from my own non-negotiable excitement, I don’t think anything else inspired me to pen my debut novel.”

Thousand Miles then asked him to brief him about his debut novel, and also interrogated whether it was some kind of fiction. The author commented to this, “My debut novel ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ tries to, in its own way, reflect upon both the usual and the unusual dimensions of attraction between a man and a woman and its various internal ramifications. It also has elements of reincarnation but much space has been kept for the reader to interpret as per his liking.
It is essentially a work of fiction.”

Our next question to the author was “Whether he ever get any rejections for his novel. If yes how did he react to them?” with most authenticity he told, “I had submitted my manuscript to multiple publishers. My current publisher was the first one to revert back positively and hence I stuck on. I believe rejection is a subjective term. One should keep pursuing.”
Then we “Thousand Miles” questioned the author about the title of the book, then he let us know about it and described it in his own words as, “I wanted a title which best described what the protagonist – Dr. Radhika Sharma – felt about love. After coming up with at least ten titles, I finally decided to keep the current one.”

Then asking about his source of ideas he replied as, “More than ideas what excites me to write a story is how much the story scares me not to write it. The more scared I am, the more possibility I would end up penning it.”

“What are the major challenges that you have faced in writing this book?” – this was the next question that was put forward by our team, replying to it he briefly said, “No major ones that I can recall. Writing a book is a journey. And every journey has its troughs and crests. The point is to enjoy every bit of it.”

Then asking about the response and whether it fulfils his expectations as a writer, he told, “Since I was young and raw when I wrote this book, I didn’t write it expecting any response at all. I was thrilled when I finished it. And whatever feedback I receive to this day makes me smile.”

Then we asked him about his view to writing as a career, answering to this with most confident he replied in one word, “certainly”.
Then coming to the theme of the story and its main focus we asked him, “Is there any message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?” – In a gentle way he didn’t match his answer with the flow of the question, he replied that “Socially speaking, I don’t think there’s any message as such.”

After that our question to him changed and we moved to ask him something other than writing that is about his hobby, interest, and passion. As a train of the word to reply he told, “I am a very one-dimensional person hobby wise. Apart from writing, reading and cinema are my passions.”

While trying to know about the particular genre that he would like to write about more, he didn’t let us know anything specific but he added, “I believe the genre is only an eventuality. If the story excites me, I shall give it a shot irrespective of its genre.”

Then the author was interrogated about his any new book that he is preparing to launch or writing for his fans, he positively replied, “Yes. Currently, I am working on my third novel.” We wish him all the best to come up with another success for the same.

Then Thousand Miles next question to him goes like, “Do you have to travel much concerning your book?” defending to this he critically told, “Not really. It’s more of an internal journey that happens for me.”

Then our thousand miles team asked the author about the medium or individual that helped in designing the covers and helped him publishing the book..
And the reply was an expected one, he states, “My friend designed the cover and it was my publisher who were kind enough to accept my manuscript for publication.”

After so many multiple questions the author was asked about his favourite book and favourite author of all times.
He replied to this with a simple line as, “My favorite book would be Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. I don’t have one single favorite author. Recently, I learnt a lot from the books of Haruki Murakami.”

After gathering so many information about the author the team Thousand Miles asked him to deliver any message that he want to deliver to his fans and modern Indian writing trend. And the message delivered was, “I hope all my stories can live up to my reader’s expectations all the time. I feel happy to see people and their story getting a chance to reach out to avid readers. Hope it continues and we get to read great stories and authors.

The last post of question that we Thousand Miles asked the author was about his own thoughts on being featured in the anniversary issue of our magazine Thousand Miles.

The author Novoneel Chokroborty at his own words beautifully expressed, “Firstly, my heartiest congratulations to the team of Thousand Miles for the feat. I feel both happy and honored to be a part of the magazine’s anniversary issue. I am sure Thousand Miles shall achieve many more milestones in the near future. Best wishes for the same.”