A published author at 19, Priyadeep Kaur has a dedicated following. Her spirit turned her to be a novelist whose work has been recognized by the Indian Prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

Her first book, Millions Of Faces In A Face was very popular among youngsters. Her newly released book, Oscar For Loving, Grammy For Not! made into the bestselling list since it’s release.

“I am lucky enough that I am trying to inspire people from too little things,” says Kaur, who is awarded Uttar Pradesh Gaurav, Atal Sammaan 2018, and the title of Shaan-e-Kashi for her immense efforts in Indian contemporary writing at such young age.

She has spent most of her life in Shiv Ki Nagri Kashi- Banaras and is famously known as Kashi Ki Beti in her hometown. Now, she is exploring the king-size lifestyle of Chandigarh. Her writing provides a rich lens into the contemporary semi-urban landscape of Indian youth. She is working with a National TV channel of Rapper Badshah.

When not writing, she enjoys singing, dancing, petting dogs and her ‘Lights-Camera-Action’ things. She tries to see the universe in a humorous and spiritual way at the same time. Priyadeep is fast emerging as one of the richest young voices in Indian contemporary writing. Thousand Miles team in an exclusive interview with the author herself. Read below:

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your novels ‘Millions of Faces In A Face’ and ‘Oscar For Loving, Grammy For Not’? Was writing a novel like these two your childhood dream? Or does any life incident or situation turn you into an author?

Priyadeep Kaur:  I remember I was keen to read and write since school. I would draw cartoons of my teachers and write parody songs in my personal diary until I was caught. (Laughs) Since my childhood, I had made up my mind or even pressurized myself to be like my Dad. My dad is blessed with a beautiful voice, I sing too. Once, I found my Dad’s journal book where he had written a heart touching poem for my Late Grandma. That was the day when a writer inside me was born. Since that time, I wanted to write a story. A story that will touch all the sides of human nature. Millions of faces worked for me.

Thousand Miles: The young generation nowadays is not focussing on their goals and is attached to social media and online games. Your way of looking into the matter.

Priyadeep Kaur:  I think social media gives you a platform to showcase your talent and abilities to the world. So, imagine if you’re focused on life about your goals, also you have an easier platform to present. It’s all sorted. I think the subject is either you want to see your talent reach millions or just scroll down your Instagram feeds till eternity.

And, I don’t have a single game on my mobile phone and my younger ones think I’m boring, haha.

Thousand Miles: We saw one of your pictures with Badshah. Where did you meet him? Share your experience.

Priyadeep Kaur: He is my Ex-Boss. I worked with Aaho Music as their Creative Producer. It’s a National Music Channel owned by Badshah Sir & Baljinder Mahant Sir. I had a great time working with these personalities. I took a break from my Media profession due to my new book release schedule.

Thousand Miles: How was the experience when Honourable PM Narendra Modi himself launched your debut novel ‘Millions of Faces In A Face’ in 2017? Kindly share it with us.

Priyadeep Kaur: Well, that was something unbelievable. I really admire him as a leader. I randomly sent a request letter at the PMO office, expressing my desire to get my book launched by him. Somehow it worked.

Thousand Miles: Your novel ‘Millions of Faces In A Face’ is a perfect blend of teenage emotions, adolescence fun, life lessons and struggling days of young life. The story looks lively. Does this story ascribe in the novel revolve around someone you know very closely? Do share your thoughts.

Priyadeep Kaur: Your first book is always close to your heart. So are the characters of the book. But, eventually, a writer’s first book is a crescendo of questions, which a writer asks himself/herself and tries to believe in magic and dreams, which looks realistic to the readers. I can never be a single character of my book, all are me, maybe!

Thousand Miles: Are you in support of the statement, ‘Success makes a man looks good’? Kindly explain your perspective on this.

Priyadeep Kaur: To look good, it is very necessary for all of us to understand what exactly success is. To be comfortable with your own skin and appearance is a success. The way you deal with your own success makes you beautiful inside out. ‘Shakal Me Kya Rakha Hain, Aaj Kucch Hai, Kal Kucch Aur!’ That’s a line from my new book, Oscar for loving, Grammy for not!

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Priyadeep Kaur: I really wanted to meet Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He is the unforgettable legend of India. He always made me feel that life is full of happiness if we learn a small thing i.e. mould yourself in every circumstance or trend.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Priyadeep Kaur: When my first book was released, I was travelling to Delhi and there was a reader beside me who got to know about my debut book. And, she managed to buy a copy of my book from the next Railway station and asked me to sign it. I loved it. Now, this happens more often, so, I take a train more often, haha!

Thousand Miles: Your Novel ‘Oscar For Loving, Grammy For Not’ has expressed love, friendship, relationships and breakup in an effortless manner. The complicated feelings have been written with a lucid flow of words. Are the characters of Udi and Garv purely imaginary? Their story leaves an everlasting effect on the readers’ minds. Kindly let us know the development of these two characters.

Priyadeep Kaur: There is no single character, which is, inspired by my personal life, but, all the characters from my books, as well as my upcoming books, ‘do have a part of me’. Being the creator, I become a little selfish with my characters as I make them do things that I couldn’t have done if I was in the same situation. Udi (Oscar for loving, Grammy for not!) is bold and a fireball. Whereas, Dimple (Millions of faces) is subtle. Maybe, I am a mixture of both the flavours.

Thousand Miles: Would you like to advise to our novice writers who are writing the first novel/book of their lives? As a new writer/author, what are the things one should be careful about?

Priyadeep kaur: When you are writing a book, never think of how to publish a bestselling book, or be the no. 1 bestselling book. NO! Be your own Jeffrey Archer and write your heart out, later you can find your Mills & Boon. (Laughs)

Thousand Miles: Nowadays, the pressure of ‘Hindutva’ is prevailing in all corners of the society and people of other religions and religious beliefs are forced to chant names of Hindu Lords and goddesses ignoring which lynchings are taking place. What is your take on this situation as an Indian?

Priyadeep Kaur: I’m not a Hindu, but our Indian culture never made me feel I’m not. Religion is a pathway to understand the power of the Almighty. We should not confuse ourselves between the journey and the destination. No matter I go to a  temple or a Gurudwara, I should be a good human.

Thousand Miles: As India is developing at a faster rate and talents from all fields are surfacing at the national and international levels, do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion for the betterment of the country?

Priyadeep Kaur: Parents have the best opportunity to enhance the talent and ability of children. Sometimes just a normal conversation with parents led to the solution of a child’s biggest problem. There is no one else in this world who will understand you and your passion other than your parent, Baat Toh Karo! 

Thousand Miles: Is the city Varanasi very close to your heart? If yes, kindly tell us why this place deserves a special place in your heart.

Priyadeep Kaur: I’m blessed to be a Banarasi. I was born in Varanasi. I’m my family’s third generation in Varanasi and it’s a beautiful place. I am emotionally connected to the river Ganga, Ghats, the environment of Kashi. It’s a place of writers, artists, and ‘Banarasi Thags ( thieves) Jo Dil Churaate Hain!’ I want to justify it all. (Winks)

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the current issue of our Magazine.

Priyadeep Kaur: I’m very contented to be a part of the magazine. Also, I appreciate the efforts of the editorial team. Everything here is informative yet entertaining.