From the young sensational Speaker, Philanthropist and Badminton player cum author Siddharth Roy, comes a beguiling love story that will grab your heart to get flabbergasted and make you think over true love again. Whether you are young or old aged fella, His presentation: The Special Fish will connect your senses directly with the inner chambers of your heart and would let you fall in love with this charming piece of literary work. Here is us, Thousand Miles Team in talks with Mr. Charming and Sensational Roy.

TM: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘The Special Fish’?

SD: Umm.. The Special Fish is a story about tender, sensitive and brittle relationships in teenage. When I was in school I saw many of my friends considered being in a relationship was a trend or status symbol, without a boyfriend or girlfriend you are termed as unsocial or unfriendly. I saw many cases which lead to depression and other things. When I joined junior college these things became more prominent so I thought of writing such a book which gives teenagers a message and adults, flashback to their school and college days.

TM: How difficult is it to maintain time between writing novel, articles, delivering talks and playing Badminton?

SD: Writing novel, articles, delivering talks, studying for 12th boards and playing badminton simultaneously was the most difficult thing I faced in these two years. Every day I used to wake up at 4:00 AM, Study for 2 hours then go for my Chemistry class. In class sometimes I used to write my novel without getting caught. Then I used to go for fitness and again study. In the afternoon hours, I used to write and do all the publishing work and deliver talks. In evening again classes and badminton practice. Night time I used to write articles and do the homework. So to balance all these things was a challenge but I believed in myself and accepted the challenge with a smile so I could do it.

TM: What is your writing Kryptonite?

SD: Well if we speak about Kryptonite my green kryptonite i.e. weak one is to initiate the story and pen down a creative plot. And if we talk about the red kryptonite i.e the strong point, umm.. the characters can be real and can talk if I get going.

TM: As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

SD: As I am a writer I don’t believe I don’t believe in myths or good luck. I consider what we do is gives us the result and luck support you when you toil. But I feel morning sun-rays gives me a refreshing start for a tricky day.

TM: Why do you pledge to spend all your earnings of your first novel to donate to the cause of society?

SD: I pledge to donate all the earnings earned by The Special Fish to drought hit farmers and their family because after all it’s because of them we are alive today. Their handwork and dedication are what we eat daily. If we save one farmer’s life he can save 100’s of people. There are many government projects and NGO’s helping them but I feel if we are capable we should give back to the society which has given us so many things.

TM: How did you feel after securing the Silver medal in Maharashtra State level Badminton Championships in 2016 at Baramati, Maharashtra?

SD: Aaah. Securing a silver medal in the state championship is a dream come true. Worked hard for it for many years and when the moment arrives it’s about who can hold the nerves and be calm. I was in tears standing on the podium and receiving the medal. It was the most mesmerising days of my life because badminton had taught me discipline and many key aspects of life, which is the ladder to success.

TM: Your favourite pass time and hobbies.

SD: Well, there are many things which I like to do but if we talk about favourite pastime hobbies, they are, reading books, going for a walk, play gully cricket, watch movies and go for a drive.

TM: How did you feel when you are felicitated by HelpAge India and Global Cancer Concern India?

SD: Well by being felicitated by Help Age India and Global Cancer Concern it really feels very proud and special because these two organisations work for the upliftment of the society and they tale care of old age people and cancer affected people respectively. I was in tears when I visited Help Age India’s old age home. So from that day, I was determined to do something for the society and it feels very honourable when you are felicitated by the society.

TM: Character Adhira after her first love failure, falls in love with Abhi for the second time. Do you actually think affirmatively that love can happen twice?

SD: Well, this is what the book is about. Adhira, a sweet girl at the tender age of teenage wants to have a boyfriend to enhance her status and to be famous but her heart did not accept this fact. Her heart termed it as love. Well, it was not her fault, at that point of time many thoughts conflict and our decision-making abilities are compromised. Adhira never loved Shubham nor Shubham did. When Adhira met Abhi and when they started getting friends she realised what love is because she gained maturity and understood responsibilities. And then she realised how beautiful love can be and what actually love is. Love can happen infinity times a=if and only your heart loves that person and not your brain.

TM: ‘Love need not be the best, but love certainly can be perfect!’ How can love be perfect? Please comment on it.

SD: Love is something which cannot be created it happens. When you love someone you never take your attention to their negative points rather you be satisfied with the positives point. No one is perfect in this world. So if we search for a love which is best with no flaws, several light years will pass but still that love will not be found so Love can be perfect by accepting each other’s imperfectness and not be wanting to have a perfect person.

TM: Does true love exist in this modern age? What is your take on it?

SD: Well, true love can exist in every stage of evolution may it be stone or modern but yes, one should remember true love is not a fairy-tale. In a fairy tale, everything is so mesmerising that we make our mindset that this love is perfect but that is just a fairy-tale and where we are it is called as life and not a fairy-tale. Certainly, when one accepts the other’s flaws and still love them, it’s called as true love. It can happen anywhere and at any moment.

TM: What was your hardest scene to write?

SD: Well, the hardest thing to write in this novel was writing Adhira’s feelings and character sketch. Because it’s very sensitive and difficult to write about opposite sex and especially when the plot is so sensitive. I had to imagine myself as her and then I could complete the plot. The most difficult scene was to write about the Fashion Show as it was difficult to select dresses and make the stage.

TM: Do you Google yourself?

SD: Well frankly speaking, yes! I am just 18 years old so it fascinates me to see my name appear in google. It gives me the motivation to work hard and achieve my dreams. Google is also a reality check for me as it tells me I am just a small contributor in this vast world and to make an impact I have to go big.

TM: What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

SD: Well as I mentioned above the most difficult thing to write about opposite sex is to write their feelings. The character sketch is the most important part of the story and to make the character sketch strong feelings and emotions play a key role. The more deep and enhancing feelings the more beautiful is the story.

TM: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

SD: Well publishing my first book was an unforgettable memory but after publishing my novel, writing process became more refined and selective. It made me read more about various topics and gave me huge exposure. Now my writing is way more enhanced than it was before publishing my novel and I am determined to make it better with each passing day. Now writing stuff is fun for me and I like to explore more and reach the depth and increase my vocabulary.

TM: Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

SD: My idol is Mahendra Singh Dhoni and I just met him just a few months back. He is the true example of good human being. A few days back on his birthday I saw a show in which he said ‘After I leave cricket I want to be remembered as Good human being. And when I met him he was exactly the same man as I heard about. I just want to be simple as him and respect everyone in life. Because I am an author today but a human from the beginning and forever.

TM: Your thoughts on being featured in ‘Shades of Life’ issue of our magazine “Thousand Miles’.

SD: Well, I am extremely happy to be featured in Shades of Life as the edition name has a very deep meaning. I was glad to answer these questions and interact with all the readers. The questions were very unique and it was fun to share all my answers. Thousand Miles gave me a strong platform to express my work and I am thankful to them.