Tanaya Atre, 23 year old, author of ‘Tangled Up In You’ is an Physiotherapist by profession. She loves singing, dancing and writing as these things keep her alive. Due to the transferrable nature of her father’s job, she has been into four different schools and this has let her make new friends every time. Currently, she is doing her internship at Choithram College of Paramedical Sciences, Indore. Thousand Miles team in an exclusive interview with Tanaya Atre. Read Below:

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘Tangled Up in You’? Tell us more about your novel?

Author Tanaya Atre: “Tangled Up In You” is very dear to my heart. I was in high school when I started working upon my book. Initially it was entirely based upon real events and honest memories. It was in 2014 when I decided to chuck a few bits of reality and discovered the natural writer within. “Tangled Up In You” is a journey which most of the time makes you relive your teen days and sometimes, makes you see love and friendship through a different perceptive.

Thousand Miles: The young generation now-a-days are going through complicated relationships and ends up in an early break-up. Your way of looking into the matter.

Author Tanaya Atre: I think the complications arise due to the lack of genuine intentions. If one gets into a relationship just to have a partner or in order to avoid being alone, then the relation’s base has a weak foundation and the survival of such a  relationships becomes difficult. I think everyone should focus upon loving self before stepping into a serious relationship because only then you really know what you want from life as well as your loved one. Don’t get into a relationship just for the sake of it.

Thousand Miles: Being beautiful and pretty is almost every girl’s dream. Are both of these adjectives similar in nature? Your opinion on this. Kindly talk us through.

Author Tanaya Atre: When you tell someone that they are pretty, it means you are talking about their appearance and looks alone. Beautiful on the other hand is a lot more of an internal thing; when you call someone beautiful, you are complimenting their persona, their heart and their aura as a whole. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, if one stays honest to her own element, then being unique and different in itself is beautiful.

Thousand Miles: Your novel deals with the popular niche of ‘Romanticism’, so as a person do you believe in true love?

Author Tanaya Atre: Definitely. Also, it is not as rare as we think it to be. When you look beyond the ‘couple’ perspective, true love is everywhere. I also believe that everyone can find the right one when the time is right, and it mostly comes after self discovery.

Thousand Miles: Are you in support of the statement, ‘Success makes a man looks good’? Kindly explain your perspective into this.

Author Tanaya Atre: The question is, what is success? Is it just having abundance of money, a luxurious life or a gigantic house? For me, success is knowing your purpose and working towards your passion, it is having good relationships with the people around, it is about excelling in your own perception and becoming the best version of your self. When you achieve these things, you are happy and that’s a successful life.

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Tanaya Atre: Priyanka Chopra for sure! She is so inspiring and is a great example to always remember that even the sky is not the limit.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Author Tanaya Atre: I’m all about the little things. I think apart from my book getting published, one of the most cherished memory was being gifted “Puffy” who is my pet dog as a token of appreciation from my father for my 10th board result. He is my happy bundle of love and joy.

Thousand Miles: The protagonist of your novel seems to wait at the same cafe in the hope of meeting her again. Do you really support ‘Hope’ is everything in a person’s life even if the fate is already known? Kindly talk us through

Author Tanaya Atre: Hope keeps us going, it makes us  believe that good things lie ahead. I believe your thoughts make your life, so if you are hopeful, you are positive and that’s already a start of building a positive life. Definitely fate is something one can’t deny, but hope makes you change your perspective towards things which aren’t under your control. It is important to remember that if there are situations beyond your control, just go with the flow and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. It might seem unfair at present, but it all makes sense later.

Thousand Miles: Would you like to advise to our novice writers who are writing the first novel/book of their lives? As a new writer/author, what are the things one should be careful about?

Author Tanaya Atre: I’d suggest that don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy the journey of creating. Always re-read your own book before sending it to any publication because as your skills develop you will always feel like making little changes and those changes will always be good for your story.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

 Of course. Kids can be temporarily drawn towards different things which is completely alright as trying new things always adds to one’s personality and gives an understanding towards what they are really passionate about. If parents know their child well, they can themselves help in suggesting what carriers would best suit both their personality as well as interest.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘Anniversary Issue’ of our Magazine.

Author Tanaya Atre: I am really thankful and grateful for this opportunity. Thousand Miles being a youth magazine plays an important role in discussing and displaying things and content that are concerned with the present generation. Thank you for such interesting questions, hopefully, my answers would result in a change of perceptive for a few readers.