Author Tishya Shree, a 19-year-old MBBS student is a dreamer, a music lover, a foodie by nature and a sports enthusiast to say the least. Her debut novel ‘Dream Bridges Success’ is making quite a buzz in the readers’ community. We, the Thousand Miles Team getting in touch with her to know about her and her life in particular. Read the exclusive interview with Ms. Tishya Shree down below:

Thousand Miles: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘Dream Bridges Success’?

Author Tishya Shree: I have been asked this question many times. And as always my answer would be the same.As I am a single child, I don’t have brother or sister. Not only this, but unfortunately, I never had a close friend too. Everybody needs someone of his/her age group to share anything. Though my parents are very friendly, still I have been a big “loner”. Being a loner compelled me to make diary my best friend. This is how I started plotting my emotions in the diary. And didn’t even know when my thoughts took the shape of my first book “Dream Bridges Success”.

Thousand Miles: Do you think ‘The Inner Call’ of a person is the real call that one should follow and chase his/her dream?

Author Tishya Shree: Of course, yes!

“The inner call” is the real call of yours, which one should follow. What I feel is, if you are doing something that you don’t want to then you won’t be that successful, as you can be, if you follow your inner voice.

In fact, my book “Dream Bridges Success” is all about how one dream of yours can take you to heights.

So, I would only say that if you really know what you have to do then please follow your inner calls and don’t let the society deviate you, so that you may start blaming your fate. And do chase your dream because no one can tell you what you can do and what you can’t, better than yourself.

Thousand Miles: Being beautiful and pretty is almost every girl’s dream. Are both of these adjectives similar in nature? Your opinion on this. Kindly talk us through.

Author Tishya Shree: Beautiful and pretty are not two similar adjectives. Being pretty portraits an outer look being adorable in the eyes of the beholder. Someone being beautiful means a pretty lady whose inner beauty is totally a soulful Devine. So in a simple way, a pretty lady could not be beautiful but its viceversa will be the complete truth.

Thousand Miles: If given a chance to relieve your life, would you like to change any of the phases of your life?

Author Tishya Shree: When you will ask me “whether I would like to change any phase of my life” I would simply say ‘NO’.

It’s true that nobody’s life goes straight. There are lots of twists and turns in everybody’s life, but happiness and sorrow both are the part and parcel of our life. And every problem of our life teaches us something and makes us stronger. In fact, bad phases of my life is the have been my greatest teacher and my today’s life is the cons of those phases. Every phase has its own beauty and every moment is precious for me. So, I wouldn’t change any phase of my life.

Thousand Miles: Apart from being a medical student, a music lover and a passionate writer, what other interests and quality do you posses?

Author Tishya Shree: When it comes to interest and qualities, well, I am a person of infinite interests. I like to do everything and I love trying new things. Apart from writing, singing and being a medical student, I love dancing.

Travelling and adventure have always been my favorite. I really love to travel and love interacting with new people. And when we are talking about my interests, how can I forget fashion and food. According to me, someone’s dressing sense reflects the personality of that person, so for me it’s important. And food, because cooking is my favorite time pass and I am actually very foodie.

Apart from these I am also developing interest in sports these days.

Thousand Miles: Your debut novel was promoted in a public meeting in the presence of the Honourable Goa Governor Mridula Sinha. How was the event? Kindly talk us through.

Author Tishya Shree: The experience of my book launch event can’t be described in words. It was just like a beautiful dream for me. I still can’t believe that, all those really happened. Getting such an appreciation and respect to my work was really a different feeling.”Dream Bridges Success” my first book was launched by our honorable Governor of Goa ‘MrsMridulaSinha’ ji, in the governor house of Goa, in presence of the former union minister of India ‘Dr. Ram KripalSinha’ ji and many bureaucrats,  eminent writers and students of Goa University.

For the first time I felt the essence of success when our honorable governor appreciated me so beautifully through her speech. Her each and every word was an appreciation and praise. This happiness that, your work is being appreciated by governor and we all know that she is also a renowned writer. Hearing all this from a great writer like her, that too in the first book was great. And this was the first time when not me but my work was being appreciated, which can’t be expressed.

Thousand Miles: Are you in support of the statement, ‘Success makes a man looks good’? Kindly explain your perspective into this.

Author Tishya Shree: Yes, success makes a man look good only if his success is for the benefit of society. A man’s look is best framed being golden plated only if his success tickles many to uplift their lifestyle for bringing the gap between personal growth and growth of progressive India. Success without the motto of being a tool to motivate others surely makes a man look gloomy.

Thousand Miles: How was the experience when you received the prestigious ‘Navodit Pratibha Award’ by Award Council of India?

Author Tishya Shree: Well… it’s true that I have been selected for the “Navodit Pratibha Award” by Award council of India, but I haven’t received it yet. My name is displayed on the award postal as Navodit Pratibha but award function will be held in May 2019.

Of course it’s a different feeling. As I am very young, not only in age but also in experience. Being so young writer, receiving such an award is really very big thing for me. And yes, this is the first award of my life, that too on national level, so my level of happiness is really different.

Thousand Miles: The protagonists of your novel ‘Dream Bridges Success’, Anand And Darsh, both belonging to a humble background strives for a better future while being medical aspirants. Is this story inspired from real life people?

Author Tishya Shree: This story and these two characters of ‘Dream Bridges Success” are actually fictional. But this situation is generally faced by the people belonging from financially weak background in reality. Normally people think that to achieve something big, they need big financial background but actually it’s not true.

So, the theme of this story is real but the characters are not real.

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you like to meet and why?

Author Tishya Shree: Our respected Prime Minister of India “ Shri Narendra Modi”ji would be my ideal whom I would be privileged to meet. This is because with his work he has picturized himself being a symbol of progressive India and new India. He dreamed of a new, developing India and he made his hard work a bridge to success. And actually, he is the one who defines the title of my book ”Dream Bridges Success” so well.

Thousand Miles: Any cherished moment from your work or family you want to share with us for your fans to know.

Author Tishya Shree: On the occasion of book launch, holding the mike on a big platform and visualizing the sense of pride in the depth of my parents’ eyes was the moment I would cherish for my entire life.

Thousand Miles: Would you like to advice to our novice writers who are writing their first novel/book of their lives? As a new writer/author, what are the things one should be careful about?

Author Tishya Shree: One should always write carefree, holding the essence of voice that your heart hypnotizes with.

Thousand Miles: Do you think Indian parents should encourage their kids to pursue their passion?

Author Tishya Shree: This is a very big problem in our country that Indian parents (not all) think in their own way. They are so over-caring and over-protective for their kids that they think whatever they have decided is the best job. This over concern of them leaves no choice for kids and they are compelled to leave their passion and choose some other profession.

But actually, it’s not so. “When your passion becomes your profession, no job is better than that”. The reason behind that is, you follow yourself, you love the work you do. You are not forced to do something.

So definitely, every parent should support & encourage their kids to pursue their passion. They should understand that anyone who will pursue his/her passion will never fail.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in the ‘March Issue: Love for India’ of our Magazine.

Author Tishya Shree

Author Tishya Singh: It is an honour for all the budding artists and writers like me. I gratefully appreciate and respect the honour given to my work. At the same time, I am thankful to the concerned team involved in the “March issue; Love for India”.