No, I don’t have a lot of EXTRAAA  money to travel…
it’s just that I spend ONLY on travel!
Yes, I am doing good with my savings inspite of all the wandering.
And here’s how.
When you spend in Westside,
I eat in West by street-side(Yummmm…),
When you swipe in Zara,
I surf in Goa(Whoohooo),
When you order some shitty fake Italian food in some Fancy Fine-Dine with snooty ass crowd,
I cook and feast on authentic Idli sambhar cuisine with that warm family in Kerala, I barely know.
You click and pout with that new 2000/- Satin Red lipstick shade,
I pose with a million free blue, green and red shades of nature.
When you get excited about loud Sunburns and sheeple concerts,
I am busy planning my next itinerary.
While you are trying hard to establish yourself socially by faking noisy parties and expensive uncomfortable attires,
I am busy packing my basics in a backpack.
When you are busting your ass to be like that model on Instagram,
I am letting myself loose in the wind, the waves, the sun, the Wild.
The money is same,
ways are different.
I find my peace with a travel ticket and contentment with a destination picture collage,
Do you find calm in your ways???