It was past midnight, when she sneaked out of her bed and tiptoed her way to the basement. She thought her husband – who was sleeping next to her – would never notice. But, how wrong she was. He hadn’t even allowed himself to sleep thatnight; he wanted look into her eyes while he catches her reading her lover’s letters. She, upon reaching the basement, seated herself on the floor, as quietly as possible – she was trembling and was excited, at the same time. Then, she took out the letter from the envelope, she had smuggled on her way, and began to read it in the light of the hanging lamp. Her husband, not far behind, went halfway toward the basement, but then, suddenly stopped. He stood motionless, reflecting the possible ways the encounter in the basement can take place. And then, he remembered how much he had loved her years back, and how unconditional he had thought it to be. He was terribly upset about the circumstance he was in, at that moment. But, decided against catching his wife; that is, decided against the impulse to humiliate her.

Instead, he went to his study and ran his hand over the piano. He sat in front of it and played the tune he had played on the day of their wedding. After a while, his wife came to the room, and stared at him from the doorway.

“You know already, don’t you?” she said, tensed and on the verge of tears.

He looked at her. But, it wasn’t a person he was looking at. It was the past. The glorious past. He smiled at this realization, and then again went on playing. She came over to him and sat beside.

She cried on his shoulder and begged for forgiveness; but, she maintained the fact that she was not in love with him, that is, her husband anymore. He half listened to her, and kept playing the piano. He had a grin on his face while his eyes were moist. He knew his world had collapsed that night, and that it was beyond repair.