How can you not expect such harsh nature from a person, who has suffered extreme torture in his entire childhood?

How can you think of any polite gestures from a person who has never known what love really is?

So, today, we’ll talk about him, and by “him” I mean, it’s a man… And by “man”, I want you to guess who it is. It’s Sandor Clegane, aka’ The Hound.

We first saw him in the very first episode, riding a horse and wearing a hound-like helmet. And when he takes it off, his half burnt face was a pain to look at.

I always wondered how it all happened to him if you ask me. Then in one episode, he revealed about the scar.

If you don’t remember the story, I’ll tell you. So, when he was a kid, his brother grabbed him and held his head into the burning fire. Because, Sandor was playing with one of Gregor’s toys, apparently without his permission. Even their father took Gregor’s stand. That’s when you know, nobody ever loved him. Then he grew up to be one of the finest warriors in Westeros, but his brother got even bigger and scarier and one of the scariest warriors in the seven kingdoms. He had always been treated like a slave and people called him names in which, the most popular
one was “Dog”.

But later in the story, we saw him save Sansa from being raped. We saw him leave the capital. We saw him take care of Arya, even though his main motive was to sell her back to her aunt “Lysa Arryn”.

And who can forget his popular phrase “F**k the King”. I feel Sandor has a personality, similar to a coconut. His surrounding have made him strong and harsh. But his insides still want love and affection.

There are a lot of events that I can recall, which somehow make him a hero. Making a new friend, who unfortunately got killed. Burying the body of the father and daughter, whose money he stole at the beginning. Accompanying Jon Snow beyond the wall to fight the Night King (though he was forced to do so, as he had no other choice). If you learn how and where to use your powers. You can help make a big difference. That’s what he has to learn. Rest, I think he is super cool.

(F**k the King).