With absurdity escalating at an enormous pace, India is all set to be a place of another such abase. With the weight of all the white money in our country, we are going to celebrate with all our might. The day isn’t far away. November 8th it is. Brace yourself for the daunting day in the history of Indian economy which took the world by storm. World media was craving to cover the news of our ban on old 500 and 1000 rupee notes more than the presidential elections in the United States. And our leaders were flaunting their 56 inch chests with pride saying the world is watching us. I watch my drunk watchman trip and fall. In fact everyone in my apartment watch him lie drunk near the sewer. I reckon he didn’t feel proud about it! On the stroke of the midnight hour in 1947, we made a tryst with destiny. Seventy years down the line, on the stroke of midnight hour on November 8th in 2016 there was another awakening.This time around it was different. We obviously didn’t make a tryst with destiny. It was probably a tryst with irony.

So what if it is irony. Let’s celebrate it in style. And with GST in place, we will probably have a costly celebration. The people in position want to celebrate it as Anti black money day whereas the opposition wants to see it as a black day. So both of them have the ‘black’ and‘day’ in common. Shows that they lack a lot of being fair. All hail opportunists! Everyone wants to take mileage out of a dead duck. Aspects of economic slowdown and the “little dip” in the economy over the last quarter have been echoing all over. Thrilled by this peril, the government went out of its way to respect the prospects of this peril. And who else will the government give credit for? Obviously, themselves for the radical move. So a day to pat themselves on their backs for their impeccable moves, at least according to them. Great going, government!

The revolutionary move to ban old currency notes seemed to have curbed corruption to the core. One could see there isn’t any black money in the country. Terrorists have been choked by the move. India has solved the issue of unemployment and is marching towards uncharted territories in progress. Jeez! I wish all that was true. But there is a long way to go. And with the demonstration of demonetization, the wait became even longer. The representatives in power and their closed allies didn’t seem to be affected at all. Of course, why will they be affected? They are far too busy in showing their muscle to the minuscule middle class and lower classes of the country. With great power comes great responsibility. The leaders seem to check their ability and capability with power before throwing light on their rudimentary responsibility. This move definitely seems like one such test of their ability.Also probably to test the agility of the country how they stand in queues and react to such situations.

Talking about agility, the politicians in power measured the patience and patriotism of the people with this move. I expected they would give a patriotism certificate for standing in the queue. But that didn’t happen. Right from November 9th last year, when the circus began many things have changed. Demonetization gained great disdain from all sections as the implementation was very bad. It was so bad, the government had to change the rules of this circus.Not once, not twice but over sixty times in a span of fifty days. Right from the day of its inception, politicians presenting their own perceptions, cleverly throwing their charm of deception on us. Playing to the gallery was on another level altogether. The narrative of “soldiers at the border are standing and fighting for this country, why can’t you stand in lines to exchange old notes?” was prevalent among those.I went in the queues of the bank and seldom did I find the opulent class there. Don’t they have money? Or have they found a means to exchange their old notes without much hustle and bustle. Seems like the latter is probably the rational conclusion.

‘Yes, these decisions are tough and you will face repercussions’ was what the prime minister addressed. Little did we know that these repercussions could be ranging anywhere from inconvenience to even death. Like in the case of demonetization. Over 100 lives were lost. And if the government still has the audacity to celebrate it, the actions speak for themselves. Over a million jobs were lost in the process of cleansing currency and making it white. There was also a theory that notes ban was deployed to write off the loans taken by some big shots.And so this ploy was planned out to make sure that happens. Also, the aspects of nonperforming assets also hover in this theory. But these issues didn’t hold the limelight. What took the limelight was the Nano GPS chip in Rs. 2000 note. Few media houses showed their heights of hypocrisy. By glorifying blatantly about the GPS chip in the 2000 rupee note. Sometimes I feel Gerald Celente did a world of good by coining the term presstitute. Else it would be hard referring those news organizations in any other way.

I often wonder that people who actually hold black money are they so stupid to pile on currency notes in heaps. Absolutely not. They would store that in various forms like say gold or real estate property. If at all it is so-called “surgical strike in black money”, strike on those aspects as well. Did that happen? No. Because if that happens, friends and well-wishers of politicians who fund them “anonymously” will be in the soup as well. So the government is vigilant not to touch their opulent partners. Black money or the unaccounted money will rarely be in the form of liquid cash. It is a known fact it will be in some other forms. But leaving all of those into account, this vehement attempt to make people repent isn’t one worth celebrating.

While we were recovering from the dengue of demonetization, another one struck us down. The goods and service tax was the newest disease in the market. And if you are in a Gorakhpur hospital, you probably won’t even have access to oxygen cylinder so you die. Goods and service tax was like axing our leg with a taxing effort. And then waxing it nicely to make it look beautiful. Once you’ve axed it, why on earth would you need to make it look beautiful? I don’t know about the greater good which is to come due to this. I can’t talk about the greater things, but my fuel prices have increased. The restaurant where I used to have Kalmi biryani is not in my budget all of a sudden. All my essentials have become expensive. But we are more obsessed with our ease of doing business statistics. Maybe we have leaped thirty places in our ease of doing business. But if we look closely at that very ease of doing business statistics, we are behind Bhutan and Kenya. And the statistics didn’t obviously consider demonetization because that isn’t a criterion there. This clearly says that there is still a lot to do. And we can’t always say it’s because of our populations and demographics. That is a very vague excuse. During elections, that very population is politicians biggest asset.

I’m seriously not from the Congress. I’ve voted for BJP even though they have the backing of RSS in 2014 elections.And I voted for BJP as UPA have congressed 9 scams in their 10 years. The general perception of us is that everyone is bad. So let’s don’t vote for the worst at least. From Karthi Chidambaram to Jay Shah, be it from any party, any person in politics, if they are related to a politician he/she is corrupt. That applies to their family members and friends as well. And cases like these substantiate our belief. This is the public perception of an average voter. An average taxpayer. Off late the dynamics in our country have been inclined towards aristocracy rather than democracy. And if our democracy is showing up as aristocracy, things obviously aren’t that great. Definitely not great for a celebration!

On this November 8th, there will certainly be a huge celebration in BJP party offices. Thankfully, they didn’t declare it as a holiday. So wouldn’t it be sweet of the politicians to visit the houses of those deceased due to demonetization? At least as a PR gimmick. And since I voted for BJP, I would like to suggest them this. Visit the family of Lodhi in Chhatarpur to know why the farmer had to commit suicide. Look at Komali’s mother right into her eyes and say we are sorry. Pay a visit to KK Unni, RaghunathVerma and all those innocent lives lost in your quest for “change”.

I urge the BJP and their allied ministers to show their humane side to the people of the families at least once.Just visit them and share their problem. If your party could share a percentage of your celebration expenses with them, it would do them a world of good.

By paying homage to those expired due to the misfiring of your government you’ll have repentance after all.


P.S.: The views are entirely upheld by the writer. Thousand Miles doesn’t hold any responsibility for any of the views.