Archcult is an annual 3-day Symposium that acts as a commune for over 1000 students, architects and other allied professionals from all over the world. Archcult, never fails to deliver a fun-filled and power packed educational experience to its participants with its vibrant list of guest lectures, workshops, competitions, formal and informal events.

Emphasizing a culture of architectural discovery Archcult establishes itself as a platform for student interaction that fosters a sense of shared community. Initiating them into the professional world, it creates opportunities to witness, learn about leading architects and understand their journey towards creating a niche in the world for themselves.

It exposes students from colleges across South India to topics trending in this field, encouraging a competitive drive in students to excel in their domain.

Archcult aims to display promising artists’ works through exhibitions, acting as a stage for receiving constructive criticism and acclaim by amateurs and professionals alike.

With these objectives as guidelines, the students of the Department of Architecture, NITTrichy launched the first Archcult way back in the early 2000s. From a singular event in a 10×10 m studio hall, it has grown into a three-day event.

Its present format consists of Lectures, Workshops, Online Design Competitions, Panel Discussions, Formal and Informal events.

The attending student diorama has evolved from a small region based crowd to a national level reach with a consistent footfall of over 1000 students in the last few years. Stemming from our need for aesthetic excellence, the ambience of the symposium is meticulously planned over several months of ideation and execution.

The department is especially decked up using handcrafted luminaries, giant lamp installations, wall art scapes, and installations. With over a decade of works etched into the bricks, these unfold to tell the story of curiosity and creativity in aspiring students.

The theme is the determining factor in setting the tone of Archcult. Just like an architectural concept, it provides direction to coalesce and create a unique identity. The entirety of the program is structured around the theme allowing the parties at either end of the experience, the organizers and the delegates to draw something different year on year.

Archcult has explored various contrasting themes that include ‘Enargis’ or a “ New Awakening” in Greek, and that particular symposium showcased new age architectural styles, making away with the old and ushering in the new such as the minimal and parametric ideas.

Then came ‘Catharsis’ or “a Purification” that dealt with architecture in its simplest elements, ridding it of its complex layers. To retain that which is essential, and to destroy that which is simply a mask.

Archcult 2016 witnessed ‘Vriddhi’ or “to Rise” that explored earthbound themes and the importance of sustainable design practices; to bridge the demands of artistic endeavor with environmental responsibility.

And this year, Melang; is the theme of choice. Archcult’17 seeks to showcase the multitude of directions that are available to move ahead in, after architecture.

Architecture is a discipline that directs focus on creative thinking that supports the practical foundations of building science. It is a perfect blend of science and art. Unaware to the layman, it is also interspersed with other creative professions that deal with lighting, art, acoustics and other essential practical careers such as the services and material industry. This makes it a universal discipline, its branches far-reaching and widely permeating. The associated factions that coexist with the core subject lie unexplored to the majority of architecture students. Recognizing these offshoots and showcasing their distinctive details is the primary objective of this year. It is an exposition of the confluence of Architecture and its allied fields and features a universal palette of architectural avenues.

Archcult has traditionally laid great emphasis on its Guest Lectures. In fact, it is the base upon which the entire fest began. The idea behind the lectures is to present to the student their idols and to help them understand their designs and thinking process, interact, raise questions and engage in discussions with them.

Globally and nationally acclaimed architects are invited to grace the dais and present the works of their choice and to discuss topics of interest.

Learning and practice go hand in hand. Every year workshops are conducted in the material and software realms by certified and recognized professionals from the Industry. Architects specializing in various streams of material design go through the process step by step while the students are given a practical session of the discussed techniques with the opportunity to raise experiential queries.

Another form of engagement is to involve students in academic discussions and debates amongst each other in order to bring forth approval and rejection of predetermined suppositions and to be exposed to newer ones. To learn and unlearn would be a simpler way of saying it.

Sangath is one such event where participants interact with the architect in an informal setting. Also, an architectural heritage quiz tests their knowledge, and capacity to absorb information.

After a day full of discussions, events, and workshops, evenings at Archcult are all about coming together with an eclectic mix of sound, lights, and art. Participating delegates are invited to showcase their talents in a number of cultural affairs which includes karaoke evenings, dance offs and flash-mobs, music band gigs, and disco nights. Light hearted performances such as these are supplemented by art-based competitions at regular intervals throughout the day such as tattoo design, miniature modelling using innovative materials like ice cream sticks and plastic straws. Shadow Art displays, Tug of War, Minute to win it, ArchZap, scrap fashion events and much more are organized to engross the crowd.

Archcult’s period of activity is not limited to just the three-day events. Online Competitions in Design and Photography are released to attract and encourage the public domain to creatively solve the proposed problems. Zakya’nta, the architectural design competition, Adrs’ya, the photography competition and Vid’yut, the industrial design competition, are three such contests that stimulate the participants' problem-solving skills.

What’s new in Archcult’17?

True to our theme Melange, the whole symposium revolves around the potentialarchitecture has over other streams of education. Endorsing just that, a panel of Guest Lecturers dominating a wide spectrum of genres in architecture and design have been invited to grace Archcult’17.

Samarendra Ramachandra, a graduate from IIT Kharagpur is the principal architect of Samar Ramachandra Associates, Hyderabad. His designs have a contemporary style strengthened by his love for Indian culture. It is his endeavour to meet the modern day aspirations while keeping the wisdom of our tradition in architecture. As an academician, he has given talks in various colleges in and around Hyderabad, mainly about issues in architectural career like internship, professional training and design.

Sharukh Mistry, founder of Mistrys architects is famous for implementing sustainability in his works even before it became a global issue. His hobby to experiment with recycled products and natural materials turned to a career when he built his own house with alternative materials back at 1980. He is known for his unique approach to design with the surrounding habitat.

Manish Gulati: His studio, MOFA, has a constantly evolving philosophy towards the design process, drawing inspiration from the world around, observing and exploring with collective consciousness. He embraces individual context, indigenous practices mixed with modern technology.

Pavitra Sriprakash is a Practicing architect at Shilpa Architects, Chennai, her design methods have sustainability as focus, while she draws inspiration from cultural values that are distinctively rooted in the sub-continent, fusing vernacular methods with modern design and construction practices.

Ahmedabad based architect, Pratyush Shankar, combines his design practice with his academic interest, and maintains a critical approach to design parallel to his impressive research papers. He has authored the book “Himalayan Cities: Settlement Pattern, Public places and Architecture” that unravels the beauty of the Himalayas through a documented study of the complex human habitats and spatial constructs. He is an eminent member of the PIT Studio crew that brings together professionals and students to provide the platformof a travelling studio.

Swapnil Valvatkar is the founder partner and studio head of COLLAGE- architecture studio, Bangalore. Winners of many awards, some including the Kohler & Abraxas Designer Of Tomorrow 2015, IAB Young Designers 13 Award and IID Bangalore Chapter, they embrace a holistic approach to design. In addition to these guest lectures, Archcult this year aims at including innovative workshops in the tangential fields that architecture practice is interspersed with. Experience Architecture in Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality (VR) is a strikingly realistic simulation of an environment that creates the feel of being transported to another place. The image seen on a screen inside a headset moves in coordination with the viewer’s head motion, moulding the new environment the viewer immerses himself in.

Brick masonry workshop : to learn numerous cost effective techniques in construction and gain some first-hand experience about the construction field in a 2-day workshop with Mr.Rajendran, a consultant for cost effective engineering, with over 30 years of experience. BIOMIMICRY is Innovation inspired by Nature.

With sustainability as the trending concept, biomimicry is gaining popularity in the design disciplines. Today, designers are seeking a sustainable lifestyle, the answers to which is all around us.

Biomimicry brings biologists to the design table. Imagine, if architects could mimic nature’s water transportation system in plants and apply it in water and electricity distribution in buildings!

Seema Anand and Prashant Dhawan are the founders of Biomimicry India, which aims to spread awareness and provide a platform for discussion.

3D Printing is the latest innovative technology that solidifies our thoughts into tangible forms. We introduce you to the basics of this upcoming field and its relevance in Architecture. Through this stimulating workshop, guided by Adarsh Simon, learn how tomodel your concepts in accordance to the principles of 3D Printing. And win a chance totake away your very own designed model!

Adarsh Simon, is the founder of BOLT Rapid Prototyping Solutions, a young start-up ambitious to revolutionize the 3D Printing Industry with good design and modern approach. Sangath – Ideate.Debate.Assimilate : “Exploring beyond Architecture”; students get to interact with Amaran A, Art Director and Production Designer, who has been an integral part in the making of many films in Kollywood. With already an impressive background of movies like Lingaa, Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka, Yuddham Sei, Anjathe, he was recently roped in for Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyida.

This fest provides a wholesome package of education and fun with its line-up of informal and formal events, cultural shows and DJ nights. It guarantees students and participants 3 fun filled days’ worth cherishing, worth re-experiencing.

Archcult’17 has begun to prep its stage for a show that will, just like its precedents, enthral, challenge, excite and amaze its audience. March 10,11,12 shall witness, the pioneers of the architecture of tomorrow, gathering at an arena like none other to celebrate, innovate and challenge the status quo of architecture. Join us in an exhibition of the potential architecture and its professionals yield in crafting a better tomorrow.



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Event Venue: Architecture Department, NIT Trichy.

Event dates: 10th, 11th and 12th March 2017