Directed byAnubhav Sinha
Produced byAnubhav Sinha
Zee Studios
Written byGaurav Solanki
Anubhav Sinha
StarringAyushmann Khurrana
Isha Talwar
Sayani Gupta
Kumud Mishra
Manoj Pahwa
Music bySongs:
Anurag Saikia
Piyush Shankar
Devin Parker
Mangesh Dhakde
CinematographyEwan Mulligan
Edited byYasha Ramchandani
Benaras Media Works
Zee Studios
Distributed byZee Studios
Release date28 June 2019
Running time130 minutes
Budget₹30 crore
Box officeest. ₹91.40 crore

The story in Short:

Ayan(Ayushmann Khurrana), the protagonist, the city begot IPS given the charge of Lalgaon as Deputy Chief of Police. He started confronting caste disparities and uncomfortable truths in the deputed region where the local Mafia controls almost everything. When the three girls go suddenly missing in the village of Lalgaon, two of them are found dead and there is no trace of the third one. The search began and Ayan dug into deeply.

Complete Plot

The movie starts in a dramatical manner with a bunch of villagers in Laalgaon village fully drunk and dancing along with beats of a song while three underprivileged girls are seemed to be captured in a yellow school bus and a few men are raping them as their cries punched through the hearts of the movie audience.

Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurrana), a graduate from prestigious St. Stephens College and IPS Officer, is recently posted to malicious Laalgaon as the deputy-Chief of district police and is warmly welcomed by the officers Bhramadatt Singh (Manoj Pahwa) and Jatav (Kumud Mishra) who are his deputies and associates. As the story flows into, he is being introduced to the age-old caste discrimination the villager face as he stops to buy a bottle of water from a nearby shop to which an officer in his car tells him not to use that water as the shop belongs to people belonging to a lower caste. He faces a similar situation at his welcome party thrown his local station where he is seen to be given a fresh plate of eateries to eat while trying to eat from Jatav’s plate.

The following day, it is showed that the two girls who were raped in the bus have been hanged from a tree as the local people reports to the police. But the third girl Pooja is still missing. The post-mortem examination of the bodies done by Dr. Malti Ram (Ronjini Chakraborty) finds out that the girls were brutally gang-raped. but Bhramadutt tried to layer the fact to not only delay the report but also to declare that the girls were actually murdered and not raped so that the case becomes a case of honour killing.

The story takes a deeper dig as Jatav and his men are threatened amidst a lonely road at night and their jeep burned by Nishaad’s (a revolutionary) gang in order to gear up the justice. Having learned this, Ayan thinks deeply and makes his mind of what to do until the victims get justice. On the other hand, Bhramadutt is trying to erase the existence of the case with all his might and tries to persuade Ayan to follow his way.

Things started changing when Gaura (Sayani Gupta), a relative of the girls, who lives in the same village informs Ayan that they used to work for a local builder named Anshu Naharia for living and had recently asked for a way too little hike in their salary that too by just Rs. 3; hereafter that the investigation gets a more serious turn.

Ayan finally calls Anshu for questioning him and Bhramadutt continues to persuade him not to do so. As the interrogation goes on, Anshul says sternly that the girls were punished since they belong to a lower caste and this act would remind them of their status saying ‘Unko Unki Aukaad Dikhaya Gya Hai’. The entire episodes of the incident break Ayan’s heart apart as he tries to find some loopholes in the entire case. He predominantly decides to clear the mess for the final time. On the following morning, he puts the Article 15 of the Indian Constitution on the noticeboard outside his office to remind all the police officers that any kind of caste discrimination is a criminal offense. He continues to delve deep and keep on the search mission. In the meantime, Ayan gets to know, how some of his associates are involved in the entire rape incident. Eventually, he and his team find the third girl deep inside the bushes inside an unused sewage pipe. She was just alive. They take her out safely and the case finally gets its verdict and the victims get their justice.

TM Review:

I respect the choice of scripts Ayushmann has. His presence was elegant and acting skills were superb. The whole cinematography by Mulligan reminds me Ganga Jal where everything was just perfect. The direction by Sinha was top notch. I would seriously ask you to go and watch the movie. This is something as Indians we must watch and know.