As Nostalgia creeps in, a voice says within,
Never thought i’d say this, but there are a lot of things i really miss.
I wanted to let go off a lot of things, just can’t figure out why it still clings.
Be it the awesome atmosphere of The S.U.M.I that has been kind of embedded in my chromosomes.
to the silent and serene environment of S.G.P to those rivalries between Aryans and Miscreants.
Those Counter-Strike Loser Pays matches i shall never forget, where all that mattered was a precise target.
The Grey and Red tie, wearing which we told many a lie,

Those motiveless bike rides all across the town, which undoubtedly gave our folks a strong reason to frown,
That open stretch enroute to Deolo still invites, with its notorious turns and dizzy heights.
Cyber Happy-hours where we really remained happy for hours, the place we really considered ours,
Sometimes when i pass by it, I reflect what did i miss and what i hit.

The passion for cricket has started to fade, time to retract back and find out where it was first made.
There’s a huge gulf between a cricket enthusiast and a cricketer,
I tried my heart-out to be the latter but ‘m good enough only for the former.

“It’s not the end, it’s just a trend, my friend”, says a hoarding on a busy main road,
Wow it really made sense; perhaps I was just being too tense.

All that remains as of now are those memories, memories I know that can in no way be recreated in any form.
Perhaps I’m stuck in the yesteryears…
My entire fellow batch mates have taken to their new lives like a fish does to water,
But my pondering and brooding I guess doesn’t matter.

Much water has flown in the Teesta since i have bid goodbye to school,
Yet there’s so much to drool.
The sense and tone of panic when the clock struck eight,
I used to crib on my fate,
Fondly remembering those moments i manage to smile,
Even though if it’s once in a while.