As I sit by your side
I realise, I have been so wrong..
This feeling of guilt is killing me inside..
Everyday I fake a smile and act strong,
Now all I want for is u to be happy.
I regret, for I never understood your love,
I never really deserved it all..
I’m done hurting you, I don’t wanna stop u
Trust me there’s someone out there,
Who needs your love more than me.
Someone who would really care,
Someone who will love u back much more.
I apologize for all I have done,
I just want u to know that I tried..
But my Heart is something I can’t control.
There have been times I cried,
Because really, I don’t wanna do this anymore..
Though I will miss US
I don’t wanna take away your smile,
I want u to trust life once more,
I want you to ‘move on’…

written by: Sayo Roy
compiled by: Nitya Nair