Author: Abhishek Rai

Avishekism Continues

#1 Avishekism Life becomes worth living only when you live it without any terms and conditions. Keep the child alive in you because children know how to live life in the truest sense. #2 Avishekism Very often we work hard and sincerely just to achieve our goal. But we cannot be sure to get the results instantaneously. Sometimes the desired results do not even materialise properly. And sometimes we don’t even bother about the results: we simply put in our efforts in the right direction. A limited number of people fall into this category where the intention of working...

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Faith can move mountains. And when your faith is spiritually inclined, people would never bother about the physical pain and mental exhaustion. What they will remember is the invisible power of faith that will help them sail across the big ocean of physical hardships smoothly. Life will give you several reasons to hate it. At times, it will appear wicked too, snatching your peace of mind and taking away your life-giving breath. But this brutal act could actually lead to a stronger and more upgraded version of you, although nobody knows when and how long it will take for...

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Avishekism: Season 1-B

I love those eyes that dare to dream. I love those smiles that dare to win. I love those thoughts that dare to inspire. I love because I dare. They say Forgive and Forget are two powerful mantras to live a stress-free and contented life. But the irony is that most of us generally forget whom to forgive. The world we live in will give you plenty of reasons to find it dull, boring and frustrating. At times, it will even screw you up. Don’t give in. Just show the world what you are up to. Put your best...

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No matter how much happy you are, there lurks a sense of insecurity among all of us. Perhaps the insecurity stems out from the attachment that is the basic human instinct.       The most important way to look Cool is not by displaying your wide array of fashionable clothes to the public but rather by showing your attitude to remain silent and patient even during times of any sort of crisis.     Our figment of imagination is a very powerful tool. It transforms us completely and the good thing is that nobody becomes judgmental about it....

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Is Life Colourful? Poetry | Emotions | Feelings | About Life

My two bright eyes Have begun to recognize The colours of the rainbow bright, “Do these really make our life colourful?” I asked myself. In jiffy came the reply: “It’s true that although Violet grants hue To flowers and Indigo fills Most of the rivers; Blue summons itself In dyeing the sky while Green complements the Attire of Mother Nature; Yellow reflects the prowess Of the solar king, Orange resembles The mighty fire; Red sets the marital status Of the feminine beautiful, Can we really overlook Black and White? Are these present simply To justify the stark differences, Or...

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