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An Interview With Chef Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta is a chef, food stylist and floral stylist working out of Mumbai and her website is a Mumbai based company started by her 5 years back. This company was started to nurture her love for food and art post her stint in qualitative research.(GFK Mode, RK Swamy BBDO, and Quantum). Gifted by the natural talent in her, Mrs. Gupta believed in her love and passion for food, led her to a beautiful destiny of yummy recipes and palatable dishes that she has been creating, making and designing all these years. She has worked with some of...

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Sportech’18 IIT Delhi

The best time to be a social butterfly is now. Sportech is proud to announce this year’s installment of the Campus Ambassador Program. With over a hundred colleges coming in to take part, Sportech has carved a niche for itself in this field and we are presenting you this thrilling opportunity to represent us in your college. Every year IIT Delhi has the opportunity to host hundreds of fabulous athletes from across the country who fight with utmost determination to win the coveted Sportech medal. To ensure that we have maximum outreach and participation, we recruit students from various...

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An Interview With Tetseo Sisters

Four sisters from different mothers formed a band with a view to spread the music of their ancestors. Meet Tetseo Sisters, Nagaland’s young cultural sensations. The Tetseo sisters is basically a four-member band from Kohima, Nagaland is comprised of Alüne (Lulu), Kuvelü (Kuku), Mütsevelü (Mercy) and Azi Tetseo.  They steadily gained popularity for their regular appearances at Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival. Their musical legacy has transcended time with a trail to their own folklore. Their ancestors sang and danced praising nature and Humanity at festivals to ensure that the values of their culture are passed from generations to generations.  Thousand Miles Team...

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