Author: Aswin KS

Lines, Sidelines and the Guidelines: The Probable Control Measures For Our Society

In a proud, prejudiced nation like ours, we often come across the term society. Obviously, our large proprietary of people put into one bracket is a society. Indian society, to be specific. Now as a society what are we? One could draw references from our good old school days where we have been taught about our society and culture. And we find the grandeur garnishing when we read about our society, our value system, our culture in the textbooks. In bold we find the words saying ‘Indian society is multi-faceted ’. Diverse, secular, inclusive, are few adjectives which describe...

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Enchanted and Repelled: A Thunder Strike to Religion

There is this daunting, dominating figure most of us abide by who’s often referred to as God. He/she is allegedly the creator of the universe, the master of all livelihood, guardian of our deeds, protector of our sins and what not. But still has a subtle mystery about his/her existence. Not from an atheist perspective but also from a theist perspective as well, we need to find God. Why exactly do we need to find God might a legit question. The answer is simple. To know him/her better. To know about his/her existence. To tell God how much we...

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Effervescence of Nonsense ft. Vaastu

Many superstitions have been spectacularly suppressing the sensibility of people in a subtle manner. Superstitionsbeyond region, religion, nation have been swelling by dwindling the rationale of individuals. India is wrapped with weird superstitions which suck the sensibility of out of our senses. And not to mention our standards when it comes to superstitions.We have our ISI mark on our superstitions. One such amusing superstition is Vaastu. In the context of constructing a house or buying a property, many queries hover around the individual. He/she have their concerns.They consult the near and dear and end up with an endearing engineer...

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The Political Mandolin of November

The political orchestra of India is popularly opulent when it comes to making the news. It’s been the opera of many unheard occurrences. So let’s tune in to some of the recent happenings which have been ringing the bells all over. The lyrics have been penned by our poised politicians who are nailing the aspects of governance. The orchestra is no less than a high voltage rock concert. But as we speak of voltage, power cuts are rampant in that concert. And dare not talk about it however bad the concert is. If you talk, that would make you...

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Anti-black Money Day

With absurdity escalating at an enormous pace, India is all set to be a place of another such abase. With the weight of all the white money in our country, we are going to celebrate with all our might. The day isn’t far away. November 8th it is. Brace yourself for the daunting day in the history of Indian economy which took the world by storm. World media was craving to cover the news of our ban on old 500 and 1000 rupee notes more than the presidential elections in the United States. And our leaders were flaunting their...

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