Author: Hareef

Sons of Assam

The murky waters of the river were putting on a hue of grey as our boat ‘Bijoya’ bobbed up and down violently. The gusts were growing stronger. I could see rumbling clouds approaching from the south. A guffaw escaped my mouth and the fifteen men on ‘Bijoya’ turned towards me in unison. “The monsoon might just be our ally this year.” I declared. “The Gods are on our side today. We are sons of ‘Bijoya’ today. Defend your mother. Let only the mangled remains float on the mighty Brahmaputra of whosoever tries to defy her advance.” A chorus of...

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The Rolls

A drop of sweat trickled down his spine and conspicuously navigated itself through the tshirt-low waist pant separation into his ass-crack, losing itself forever. The humidity had escalated the feel of the summer heat in Kolkata, causing the sticky effect in touch & vision.The denizens were however immune to the discomfort as their beloved Maa was coming home, it was Mahalaya. It was that time of the year where the world meant only shopping and fanfare for them everything else could wait just fine. He shifted a bit to calibrate his line of sight and then continued with stealing glances.Diagonally seated across...

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