Author: Joonak Konwar

Blood, Red and Metro: A Bloody Affair

I have a habit of going to all the markets that offer great bargains and high on the cheap thrill factor only during the day (noon), to avoid the crowd. This habit really took a great toll on me one day and by the time I was done with some good bargains in Karol Bagh I ran out of energy due to the soaring temperature. I boarded the blue line metro straight towards Noida from Karol Bagh. I was lucky enough that day to bag a seat all to myself. Just the very thought that I would be going...

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Appetite for G.B. Road

It was the year 2015. I convinced my friend to accompany me to G.B. road on a bright sunny Saturday morning. There had been a lot of speculations about this place in my mind and I really wanted to explore and see it for myself why and how the place got its notorious name. With each documentary movie that I had seen about this place, the anticipation just kept on growing and this place made it to my ‘must-visit-place’ list. Since my friend and I share a similar mind track it didn’t get difficult for me to convince her. Finally, we...

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My soul will take its flight of tranquility someday, amidst the blue pristine sky; Twirling with inner peace enjoying the blue high.  My heart will sing the harmony of joy again someday,  getting aloof from the tumult of life;  Believing in the dreams and will embark to strive. Basking in the warmth of my bygone vibrant days,  I reassure myself of the lively tune in me  and set forth a voyage towards a serene phase. I will be the boundless, I will be the untarnished again;  holding my head up high in a flawless backdrop;  Erasing the dark nights and...

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The Whore From the Notorious Street

She laid those eyes on mine. I could feel her gaze as empty as a barren land, in which I could sense the longing for the utmost unreal. She has that soft subtle curve of smile, convincing enough to conceal the pain of her ruination. Yes! She is a whore from the notorious street, selling her body but her mind yet to defeat.   At the depth of her heart, she is still the little girl from her once glorious past, where her body was more than a delish carcass for the vultures. Her body swayed in the wind like...

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Cherry Blossom

Beneath the cherry blossom, the heart sings her joy; Blowing into the cotton grass she creates her own clouds of white; Bouncing and happy she skips the puddle of wet greens in the wood; My little girl, you are stronger now. Her deep wounds have healed and so has her soul. The demons of her past have been defeated by her white knights; Yes! She kept the knights alive somewhere in her dying heart, Yes! She survived the maul of the dark demons. The clasp of the claws were not strong enough to perish her little mind. My little...

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