Author: Jurismita Puzari

Among The People

It has been my ardent wish to immerse myself in an active life, motivate others and to live fully. These saw fruition during my first community immersion. Included in the curriculum of the fellowship design, Community Immersion turns out to be one of the best learning journeys where one gets to reach the unattainable. Being one of the most challenging tasks, it has helped me to gain knowledge, experience and perspective.   On October 5, 2016, I signed up for a stay to Pok Nagar, slum in Surat city. It is a small community right near the river bank...

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Youth – a crucial stage

After resting for a period of nine months in mother’s womb an innocent life gets its first glimpse of the world. Childhood is the most beautiful phase of a human life. Looking through the innocent eyes the child begins to discover the wonderful world to be lived in. Gradually it grows up to become a great citizen. But it is very unfortunate that as we grow into adulthood we tend to lose that innocence and simplicity. Childhood is the phase where one seems to be jovial, always in a cheerful mood, and a mind full of positivity with no...

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