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God and Religion: A Straight Talk On God and Religion

God has made human and it is humans who have created the religion. We, humans, have divided that one god into various religions. Although we know that God is one still our thoughts related to god and religion is absolutely different. For Punjabis their god is GurunanakJi, Muslim believe in Allah, Christian pray in front of Jesus and so on.  Is that right? It  is a very good thing if one respects religion and believes in it,  but if we see around us there are still people who believe themselves to be different from others and keep fighting because...

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How To Feel Good All The Time

Is it conceivable to feel great all the time? You may think about how somebody can feel great all the time while life is loaded with the issue! No one can rebuff that all of us without exclusions face different kinds of problems at different times of our lives. If these issues make us troubled at that point how might we feel great all the time? This is exactly what I am going to talk about in this article. Feel Good About Yourself Using These 3 Steps If we’ve turned out to be trained to feel bad about ourselves,...

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