Author: Nitya Nair

As I sit by your side

As I sit by your side I realise, I have been so wrong.. This feeling of guilt is killing me inside.. Everyday I fake a smile and act strong, Now all I want for is u to be happy. I regret, for I never understood your love, I never really deserved it all.. I’m done hurting you, I don’t wanna stop u anymore.. Trust me there’s someone out there, Who needs your love more than me. Someone who would really care, Someone who will love u back much more. I apologize for all I have done, I just want...

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A Beautiful Dream

I woke up in a shocked way and felt my heart to be moving in a hasty sway. It was me, binded in a splendid quilt… took in a  deep breath filling me in with the sweet- smelling silt. Recalling, the episodes of last night… Of him holding me so tight. The brushing of his lips all through… Kissing me with the words ‘I LOVE YOU’. But something snaped in my mind then Last night, we were not alone… A guest was to come there, Who would be taking over the throne. I suddenly looked at my side, It...

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The Beautiful Night

As the moon reigns in the heavens tonight it’s shining on your bed in a flood of light Shines the king of the sky with a halo of stars. as the sound of silence is heard afar. The birds dont sing they are in their nests Every man and beast now lays down to rest. and then you hear the whispering breeze as it rustles against the leaves in the trees. Every revelation is a mystery the night beholds And i’m filled with the song of the lost souls It’s a song sung of darkness and light in my...

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‘Bazaar’ India..

The ironic silence of the city, minding it’s own, a wordless commotion of horns; the smoking metal boxes; flowing in it’s veins, adorned with lamp posts. I walked into it’s heart, a maze, a ‘bazaar’; a celebration of lights. I walked into it’s heart, to be human again; to find my childhood, lost in those little ‘gallis’. And I found it, just as I left it; (with a wet face, angry, for they didn’t get me anything.) The old shops with new owners, but still fascinating,still lively. Loud vendors in their singsong voices joined in by the wails of the...

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Enamor of the Indian bazaar

It was a sunny morning and I was out On my route to the nearest bazaar. I was in a hurry like everyone else. As I was Pushing and trying To craft my means to get my requirements, I perceived how deliberately a seller Bows with esteem towards his first earnings of the day. I noticed how even on the hottest day, The people of my city were out to get their works done. I sensed the awkwardness of a child As his mum took too long to get her every necessity. I discerned how even when everyone rushed...

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