Author: Tanisha Rathore

Slavery Lies Within Us: An Introspection Into our Modern Society

Today we’re talking about society and culture, so allow me to introduce to you, a human tendency that lives in us, feeds in us and grows in us. A human characteristic that affects the gigantic portion of our society i.e. the “tendency to enslave others”. Slavery has existed in almost every civilization in every part of the land.  Slavery is a very ancient concept that exists in almost every society. But from where did it originate, from where did the ideology of enslaving an individual come? So, right from the very start, from the day we were born, we...

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The Caste System: The Protector of Religion?

So, this day we are all discussing religion and its associated links and hence this is important to know where it all started. According to our epic book The Gita, centuries ago Vishnu the creator, made Homo Sapiens also known as Manav in literal Hindi. But why he created Manav? Apparently to observe this world or maybe to experience it. The divine trinity Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma made the world but then they needed someone to observe it, experience it as it is. They created animals as well but there was a need for someone more imaginative to observe...

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A Woman With A Purpose- Marie Curie

We all have heard taught and read about Marie Curie somewhere but who actually she was, what made her that after a century her name is revived ever since. Maybe this moment onwards you will have a different perception of her. Marie Sklodowska Curie was born in the peaceful land of Poland. Being a daughter of a teacher father and mother as well literacy always had Marie’s keen interest. Marie’s was youngest of three siblings. But during that period education to a certain level was relevant for women in Poland. Even in the 21st century women has to fight...

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