#1 Avishekism

Life becomes worth living only when you live it without any terms and conditions. Keep the child alive in you because children know how to live life in the truest sense.

#2 Avishekism

Very often we work hard and sincerely just to achieve our goal. But we cannot be sure to get the results instantaneously. Sometimes the desired results do not even materialise properly. And sometimes we don’t even bother about the results: we simply put in our efforts in the right direction. A limited number of people fall into this category where the intention of working honestly overrules the intention of getting the outcomes. Try to be a part of this category as expectations occupy a less prominent position here.

#3 Avishekism

Life will give you several reasons to hate it. At times, it will appear wicked too, snatching your peace of mind and taking away your life-giving breath. But this brutal act could actually lead to a stronger and more upgraded version of you, although nobody knows when and how long it will take for that internal evolution.

#4 Avishekism

They say Forgive and Forget are two powerful mantras to live a stress-free and contented life. But the irony is that most of us generally forget whom to forgive.

#5 Avishekism

No matter how much happy you are, there lurks a sense of insecurity among all of us. Perhaps the insecurity stems out from the attachment that is the basic human instinct.