No matter how much happy you are, there lurks a sense of insecurity among all of us. Perhaps the insecurity stems out from the attachment that is the basic human instinct.




The most important way to look Cool is not by displaying your wide array of fashionable clothes to the public but rather by showing your attitude to remain silent and patient even during times of any sort of crisis.



Our figment of imagination is a very powerful tool. It transforms us completely and the good thing is that nobody becomes judgmental about it. It’s a beautiful slice of life that makes us feel happy and wanted.


Life is pretentious and we love to pretend. But don’t put on a fake smile just to pretend that everything is going on smoothly in your life. Smile generously minus superficiality. A cheerful disposition can work wonders in spreading happiness.

To understand the human psychology is perhaps one of the most complex things in the world. The more I try to analyse beautiful minds, the more I get entangled into their cognitive web.