1. Faith can move mountains. And when your faith is spiritually inclined, people would never bother about the physical pain and mental exhaustion. What they will remember is the invisible power of faith that will help them sail across the big ocean of physical hardships smoothly.

  1. Life will give you several reasons to hate it. At times, it will appear wicked too, snatching your peace of mind and taking away your life-giving breath. But this brutal act could actually lead to a stronger and more upgraded version of you, although nobody knows when and how long it will take for that internal evolution.

  1. Very often we work hard and sincerely just to achieve our goal. But we cannot be sure to get the results instantaneously. Sometimes the desired results do not even materialise properly. And sometimes we don’t even bother about the results: we simply put in our efforts in the right direction. A limited number of people fall into this category where the intention of working honestly overrules the intention of getting the outcomes. Try to be a part of this category as expectations occupy a less prominent position here.

  1. “To err is human and to forgive is divine.” I make mistakes because I am a human being. It’s not that I love committing errors but these are what help me in understanding the psyche of people who are a part of my life or with whom I am deeply attached with. Still, very often our erroneous acts lead to the bitterness of a relationship. That’s the irony of a human life and people take pleasure in saying to err is human.

  2. Life is pretentious and we love to pretend. But don’t put on a fake smile just to pretend that everything is going on smoothly in your life. Smile generously minus superficiality. A cheerful disposition can work wonders in spreading happiness.