I love those eyes that dare to dream. I love those smiles that dare to win. I love those thoughts that dare to inspire. I love because I dare.

They say Forgive and Forget are two powerful mantras to live a stress-free and contented life. But the irony is that most of us generally forget whom to forgive.

The world we live in will give you plenty of reasons to find it dull, boring and frustrating. At times, it will even screw you up. Don’t give in. Just show the world what you are up to. Put your best foot forward and prove to everyone that survival of the fittest is your forte. Survival comes with the zeal to fight back against all the odds of life.

You should not wait for any reason to become happy because that’s a sign of being materialistic. Try to be happy from within and keep on cultivating this sweet habit. Then only the real value of happiness will come to the fore.

To understand the human psychology is perhaps one of the most complex things in the world. The more I try to analyse beautiful minds, the more I get entangled into their cognitive web.