This is a masterpiece in the world of Bengali literature. The following is a small effort by me to translate this great poem which has been done previously by great people on various grounds.
      Banalata Sen(A translation)
       Original : Jibananda Da
  • I have strolled the path of this mundane world
    For nearly a thousand years
    Have surpassed the Ceylonese Ocean
    And also crossed the Malayan Seas
    I have traversed more and far
    To the vague world of Bimbisara
    And the land owned by Asoka
    To the obscurity of the place called Bidarva
    I have turned to a drained soul now
    Though the waves do not cease
    To form the unpredictable foams of life
    In this chaotic voyage of mine
    The sole peace was bestowed on me
    By only Natore’s Banalata Sen.
    Oh! The lustrous mane, like the pitch black nights of Vidisha ,
    The epitome of the fine sculptures of Sravasti,
    Her face was shaped and made;
    Her shadow is a resemblance of a Sailor’s ecstasy, finding greenery for his wrecked ship.
    With penchant in those eyes, she enquires “Where have you been all these years? “
    Her curious brows drawn like  the gliding  wings of a bird
    She is none other than Natore’s Banalata Sen.
    When the light  is leaving for this day
    the sound of dewdrops welcomes another evening
    The golden light of the Sun  retires in the wings of the Kites
    And illuminates the fireflies.
    The birds come homeward,
    As the business halts for the day
    I am only left behind with the beautiful and dark night
    To have an encounter face to face
    With the one and only Natore’s Banalata Sen.