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Be Careful Of What You Wish For!

Be Careful Of What You Wish For!
Here’s  the story of a small town girl who finds herself lost in the fast-moving metro life…
Everyone dreams…be it big or small…and I am no less. I too had dreams…dreams of a better life which would soon turn into best…of flying high up in the sky and touching the zenith…of exploring myself and letting the world know that I too exist. With these aspirations in mind I planted the seed of my dreams and it soon grew into a beautiful tree…though with few ups and downs, I managed to make myself educated enough to get into a decent job…the desire to work in a big organisation in a metropolitan city came true and I stretched my wings to fly…fly higher…soon I found myself in the humdrum of a corporate life…a life which many aspire took me so much into itself that I did not get the time to decide whether I was happy or sad…just went with the flow..and soon realized that everyone around me was doing the same…yes…this is the life I was craving for(?)…life in a metro…  independent, glamorous and fast. Life went on..only to make me realize slowly that somewhere amidst all these I am losing myself…my old self..somewhere within I am alone..aloof from my family…my loved ones…mom was there only on the other side of the phone, she can’t read my face and ask me if I am hungry or if I want to sleep beside her…dad can no longer comment on the length of my nails or scold me for overusing the mobile phone…I can’t see my sister’s face becoming red with anger when I wear her new dress before she wears is now only about going to that big concrete building, coming back, staying up late doing nothing and waking up to the shrill noise of the alarm..yes, I realized that somehow I failed to be happy…somewhere deep inside I did not want this life…some corner of that four chambered thing in my body complains every day…complains that I miss my loved ones..I miss my home..I miss myself…and today as I look back to the day when I wished to get to the position where I am now, all I say to myself is that “in future be careful of what you wish-you never know it might come true”…

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