A very famous quote by Clare Boothe Luce goes:“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes. They will say,

Women don’t have what it takes!’…”

Well does it hold true? Unfortunately yes!

I don’t intend this article to be much of a feminist manifesto but it is true, that even today, many believe a woman has always been less of an achiever as compared to her male counterparts. A major section of society still stays in the denial of woman being able to accomplish anything big. I must then imagine that they think Sunita Williams, Marissa Mayer, Indra Nooyi, Steffi Graf, Arundhati Roy, Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Sheryl Sandberg, Meg Whitman are all men! Crazy, Right? Woman: ‘the weaker sex’ is one delusional phrase! Her resilience and patience to deal with problems mislead people to have such judgments. Women are not only blessed with greater powers of endurance and self-sacrifice but also intend to have greater intuition and sense of responsibility for their actions. They carry the ability to be pretty while being smart and intelligent at the same time. But often her smartness is misinterpreted as her being too bossy, too aggressive or as the slang would go: ‘Bitchy!’ There are woman who face things upfront but at times such circumstances suppress her and often prevent her to come out of her shell, to just be the real her! In order to be more likeable among her male peers she tries to conceal her achievements and be less open about matters that matter. Why, I ask?

There are times when we wrestle with self-doubts, criticisms, and feel chained down by emotions and our vulnerability but then who doesn’t feel this way? It’s plain human. Does gender really play any role in it? Then why generalize the community as ‘weak’. Life will make a woman come across people who are always looking for opportunities to pull her down. That’s where her sense of communication comes to rescue. Her words and speech will always be a powerful weapon. Some of the greatest books ever, have been penned down by Female writers; some of the greatest entrepreneurs and inspirations have been women leaders.‘Never underestimate the power of women. She sure knows how to take a stand. Without her, men could not be!’ Having said all that I would like to share with you readers, an insight into a conversation, I once had with a male friend, long time back. He had demeaned me as an ‘emotional fool’ because I planned a lot about my future and would often tell me that since I was not an ‘engineer’ but a mere Physics Graduate, that too a girl, I would never make it!

His words had surely struck me somewhere though I did not react then. I knew I would prove him wrong because I held a dream, which no matter what I had to chase. Today I no longer give him my ears but he sure must repent having said all that.Though I am very thankful to him for having said all that because it made me realize that people can be way too blunt towards a girl, she ought to have faith in herself and her abilities to strive forward.

Never let go off opportunities that come your way. Be a Yes Man! Sky is no longer the limit.There are times when you’re pushed
astray but everything happens for a reason. A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets they say and she will hold onto things till she gives them back to you. She might argue, she might kid around, she might annoy the hell out of you but she can still shine brighter than sun. Believe!

Hi there, I am a wooo-man but that’s not all I do! *wink..*