In the era of global warming and unemployment acquiring basics in the nation has become a battle in itself.

Everyday life is a struggle and due to our behavior, we have successfully made it worse.

So what is actually a behavior? Well, that’s a question even a1st-grade kid can tell, it’s the way we act and respond to the surrounding people preferably ethical. But do we all really remember what actually behavior mean and is there any importance of it in the practical world? Well if you go for an interview what you have done all your life is just a piece of paper to some extent but how you talk sit and behave is much more important than anything else. The recruitment experts have claimed that your soft skills comprise 70% of importance and your academics and other experiences are just 30% of all. They have stated that it takes just the initial 5 minutes to decide whether the candidate should be hired or not. Though we all are absolutely aware of the fact even though it is observed that most of the children in a class find it extremely difficult to speak publicly rather they prefer avoiding it and eventually, they become nervous and their nervousness affects the behavior throughout the life. Being nervous while an interview or during any public speaking activity affects their professional life and at times personal and social too. And everyone knows in this competitive era how much important it is to be a strong personality. So what can be done to avoid such a situation the only thing that can be done to avoid such a situation is just practice because not everyone is born with speaking efficiency. So practice is the only thing that can vanish this little issue and enhance behavior efficiency. Because one will stammer for the first time, would sound dumb for the second time but will definitely do a little better in his third attempt.

And this works not just in professional life but in lot many other things too, see you went for date and suppose if you stammer, won’t speak much the other would not prefer going out with you twice but on the other hand if you are talking effectively trying to make interesting conversation and connecting with one; you probably made it. Therefore so words and how they are being served makes a lot of difference. 

To understand a deeper extend to this, you went for an interview or maybe a client meeting so the person sitting on the other side of the table is basically just a human and if you are able to impress that human not  academically or professionally but on social or behavioral aspect, there are strong chances you can make it. Because around the world, people want to work, marry & live with good humans only. Even a greedy Sapien will surely go for someone with comparatively good values and ethical skills. This is a human tendency where one will always want to surround oneself with good people. So words and how they are spoken makes a lot of difference. I repeat again!