It all began a few years ago when a group of friends thought of initiating a journal where anyone can write and anyone can be a photographer. When they were tired waiting for their writings and pictures to be published. A journal where nobody is going ask any generic questions: ‘what is the resume?’ and ‘how much experience one has or what is the qualification?’. It was about respecting everyone’s talents because all of us are special in our own way as we all know we are blessed to do something meaningful in our lives. So the group ended up concluding a journal rather an online magazine where everyone was more than welcome to join; doesn’t matter who they were or where they come from and what they do. And that’s how a great loving Thousand Miles family was made, where we all are from different places, come from different professions are bound together to attain a particular goal.

In Thousand Miles, we don’t talk about competition who is better than whom, who is the best photographer or writer we are equal. In life, one will face tremendous competition in almost all phases of life but there will be a few things where everyone will be equal like our TM. When I developed my love for writing I thought of a platform where I can write professionally and TM is just what I need and now it’s been more than a year I am part of this family.

These days life has become a constant race it all starts with the school; a place children are sent to develop academics ethics and life values have become a mere source of getting more marks than others. Gradually nobody realizes but the morals & life values are left behind and in the end, it is only about marks and scorecard. Exactly the same happens in college; we become more competitive and less ethical and don’t get me started about job life where we completely forget being a human and starts living a robotic life. I am not generalizing this way of living but it happens often. I think the reason behind this is, that we ain’t doing what we love because if we do what we love we will become more sensitive and I think sensitivity makes us generous human because that is what humanity is all about and I am admitting all this because I am here doing what I love

And it’s indeed making me a better human. So life is fair in the end as I think whatever you are, you will happy about it. You will learn and you will grow you and it will enrich your soul. That’s what I think we all will conquer if start accepting what we are and what more needs to get going. Do what you love, stop living a constant rat race. Don’t try seizing life on Saturdays and Sundays, stop making life all about competition, do what you love more often, try to find light at the end of tunnel, never give up and always try to have time for the things you love, and who knows what wonder you can do by just a little effort. So keep doing what you love!

I think we are doing pretty well with our lives and don’t forget to spare a few seconds and have certain moments of peace. Judge less, love more.

And grant us your warm wishes because we are another year old!