Supposedly you are an underpaid engineer. And you are earning Rs. 10, 534 per month. I know you might be thinking, why this particular amount and not any roundoff number like 10k or 11k? Because that’s the average monthly per capita income of an Indian during the 2018-2019 financial year. Trust me on this, or you can check that fact on Google. Now, why I am bringing this up? The answer is simple. The annual GDP growth rate of our country is 5.2%; which suggests as a developing nation we should be wary of it.

Let’s do the simple math. The 5.2% of Rs. 10, 534 is Rs. 579.37. This indicates, every month you will grow with just Rs. 579.37 and in 12 months, it is Rs. 579.37 X 12= Rs. 6952.44. Does that make you happy? Let me go further, let’s say the GDP growth rate comes down to 4%. Then 4% of Rs. 10, 534 is Rs. 421.36. And in 12 months, it is Rs. 421.36 X 12= Rs. 5056.32. It suggests that, if the GDP growth rate comes down to 4% from the current 5.2%, You will make a loss of Rs. (6952.44 – 5056.32) = Rs. 1896.12 in the complete financial year. That’s how much the GDP growth rate can affect your income. I know you must be thinking, no man, I earn 50k every month, why I should be worried? You do the math yourself, would that make you happy and don’t you think about those people who earns 1/5th of what you earn. Let me remind, this is the average per capita income of an Indian. Interesting fact: 1% of the population has 70% of the wealth of the country. And if you are not rich, you should be careful regarding your income and to whom you vote.

The recent PMC Bank issue is another question mark on RBI, the new puppet of the present Indian Government. According to the data made available by RBI, there is already 32,000 crore banking fraud already happened in the 2nd quarter of 2019. In the PMC bank, there was nothing until the night of 22nd September 2019, even no warning signals from RBI regarding any problem inside the bank. Suddenly, on 23rd September, the depositors of the bank were forcefully limited to withdraw of Rs. 1000 only in the coming six months. Again, just within 2 days i.e., on 25th September 2019, after doing Einstein level mathematics, the withdrawal limit of the depositors increased to Rs. 10,000.

On 31st March 2019, this particular bank had a net profit of Rs. 100 crore and submitted a sum of Rs. 615 crores to RBI as a surplus for emergency rescue. There were a few news indicating few inside problems in PMC, yet RBI produced no early warnings. So, is it the common man, the depositor of the bank who has to suffer? Most interestingly, one of the directors of the PMC bank is Sardar Ranjit Singh who is a son of BJP MLA Sardar Tara Singh. In this way or another, the present BJP government comes into play. While growing through a tough time in the last six months, this particular bank lent Rs. 96 crore to HDIL group which was announced as an NPA for Rs. 2500 crore.

The question is, why do they lend this amount of money to such a bankrupt group when it cannot payback more than Rs. 10,000 to its depositors. The cascading effect of this scam will be also on other co-operative banks and even PSU banks, be ready for some scary news. RBI is failing in its operations and the Government of India, on the other hand, has collected 1.76 crores of RBI surplus money by pressuring the RBI governors resulting in changing three RBI governors in the last three years. So it is the common man who will suffer at last. So be careful who do you vote!