Dear readers, when you all were kids and had nothing to worry and the only good past time you had was listening to all the stories your grandmother told you, weren’t you excited when she particularly told you  the story of the Glowing Devil she saw in the forest?? I  always grew up wanting to meet that glowing devil, and at last i met her not in the jungle but in my botany meseum!
Or have you ever wondered abut the beetles or firefox???when you were kids didn’t  you believe that they carry a miniature torch to help them find their way in the dark???
 Relax,i am here not to discuss about the beetles but to tell you something about “bioluminiscence”–light in the dark forest!!!!!
By looking at the photographs u must be wondering what they are!! ok..,let  me  break the suspense and   tell you that they are nothing but “bioluminescent fungi”- a type of small, cute plant that emits light during  the night! They are also called magic mushroom.
 so far, only 50 such species have been discovered ..and sadly only a very few people  have heard about them…i however do not blame you for your ignorance in this matter, because myself being a botany student, even  I didn’t have any idea about it till a few months back.
If you can recall  the novel”adventures of Huckleberry Fin” by Mark Twain , there was an incident where the Huckleberry Fin & Tom Sawyer used a firefox as a source of light to dig the tunnel..! yeah, this time you guessed it right,it is nothing but a biolumunescent fungi..!
Evolutionary biologist sometimes confuse themselves regarding this fact…however they say that due to deep oxygen reaction in some tissues,the mushroom produce some chemical intermediate that decompose and when the excess energy is released, emissions of light occurs and thus the tissues glow!!! A lot of research work is carried on this magic plant.
 so readers,if you ever get lost inside a dark jungle…don’t panic or get frightened of the glowing devil that your grandma told you about…:)
its a bioluminescent fungi which will glow & show you yr way. in the darkness and like me you too could meet your glowing devil , but this time in the real jungle..:)