Sipping a cup of coffee, she sits by the window pane. Flipping a few pages of her diary and she looks down upon some words. Tears rolled down from her eyes when his thoughts engulfs her mind and she longed to hear his voice .
*Yawn* oh its morning means another day to live by. She checked her phone ‘Damn’ its 8.45, I have to wake him up, or else he’ll be late. Two phone rings gone, common Babu PICK UP. Her third call was answered by a sleepy voice “UUU”, Wake up babu otherwise you will be late, wake up you have your class “uuuu” was d answer. Around 9.30 her phone buzzed again “M going”. Meanwhile the girl passes her time checking her mails, watching tv, facebook, the virtual world of internet lead her to many unknown sites/links leading a better view of how the world can be. The clock stuck 1, she checked her cellphone no message, no calls, She has her lunch but at the back of her mind she thinks ”if any calls comes, what he’ll think i m doing, why did n’t I took his call”. But hopefully no msg. Its half past 2pm now, her phone beeps into a message which read “m in d hostel having my lunch call u in half an hour”. A curved appeared on her lips. She waits eagerly, but to kill that half an hour its like 10 hours. Finally her phone buzzed, conversation started ” how’s your day, what did u had for lunch,, but somewhere down the line she senses his tiredness of d day, to which she lovingly kisses him to sleep. With a hope that after an hour or so when he’ll wake up, she’ll talk to her heart content. But as luck would have it, After 2 hrs her phone beeped and she read ” hey dearie m out with my friends” To which she smiled and replied “OK never mind have fun with your friends but do cal me as soon as your back” Now what to do?? She passes her time again the same way she did in the morning, also flipping TV channels absent-mindedly had become a routine for her. Its 8.30 pm by now, She looks onto her phone for any message or calls but nowhere to come from. Her phone rang around 9.30 pm,but she did n’t take up reason ‘her parents were around’. But she texted him back ” after dinner can we text???” They both kept the promise of texting after dinner. But only to find that “he was busy as well he’s texting her” as she waited a gap for 10 to 15 mins duration for each of his message to come. So her patience of waiting for the whole day did n’t do any good to her. Finally she bade him a goodnight message and with tears in her eyes she delves into a deep slumber with a hope that tomorrow might turn out to be a better day for her..*Yawn* OH ITS MORNING AGAIN AND ITS 8.30.. Time to make a phone call.


By: Jahnabi Pachani