It was the third day on this trek and our previous two days were amazing, especially the very last day when we were able to have Darshan of “Madhyamaheshwar”. Madhyamaheshwar temple is one of the five Kedars of Uttrakhand and is situated at about 3490 meters from MSL. Besides it, there are four other temples exist in Uttarakhand itself: Kedarnath, Tungnath, Rudranath, and Kalpeshwar. We will trek up to Kalpeshwar this time so sometimes it is also known as Madhyamheshwar –Kalpeshwar trek.

In the last article i.e. 2nd day of the entire Nandikund Trek, we reached a new trekking location at Budha Madhyamaheshwar. It was raining heavily when we reached the spot but in the evening, when it stopped raining, the sky was very clear and we could see amazing views of Chaukhmbha and Mandani sisters peaks. We went to offer our prayers to Budha Madhyamaheshwar and lighten Aggarbattis(incense sticks).  Again, a heavy rain started at about 9:00 PMand due to this we again got stuck in our tents for some extended hours.

Next morning was wet all around but this could not stop us to move ahead. We had to trek up to “Kachhni Dhar ‘’ today and the trekking path was very tough and slippery for about 3-4 kilometers. In the morning after having a cup of tea, I was wandering here & there for warm up, suddenly a porter came to me saying “There is a Monal Bird, come with me“  but I could not capture it in my camera but could see the nature’s beauty piece as it flew away.

The total distance, we had to cover on the third was 9-10 km and we would gain be trekking into the height range from 3400 meters to 4200 meters in this leg. I would like to tell you that most of the trekkers choose the way directly from Madhyamheshwar to Kachhni Dhar but we did not want to skip Budha Madhyamaheshwar and this stretch 2 km more in our trekking schedule. We started our journey at about 8:00 am, and yes I was first to leave as usual. It was very tough and slippery as I have told you earlier but another problem here we faced was the unmarked way so we have to trek on our own and it was through the thick bushes on the periphery of a wet and steep cliff. It was very dangerous as we go on trekking and I was quite afraid till we reached “Rithana” the point where this trekking path merged with Madhyamheshwar merges. After Rithana, it was a better path for trekking with 2 feet wide constructed and maintained by the forest department. About 100 meters ahead we saw helicopter parts scattered here and there, a local,  we met on the way later told us that a helicopter crashed here in 1990 and these parts belong to that accident.

It was about 12 noon when drizzling started as usual and dark, the thick dark cloud has come all the way. All my fellow trekkers were very advancing quite ahead of me this time and I was a bit scared and cried out loud and shouting “somebody is there? Can you hear me?”  I did not get any reply and remained to continue in heavy rain covering with a poncho. I was crying for someone and walking fast, very fast. Then, I saw some of my friends hidden in a cave 🙂 which gave me a sigh of relief. Thank God!!

We were there at Kachhni Dhar and the time we reached was about 3:00 PM . Kachchni Dhar is a beautiful place where you can pitch your tents easily, look around the mountainous terrain and can get water from nearby sources. It’s a stay point for Panpatiya trek also and to point out a fact, the wind is quite faster in this part.