Movie Bultir Result is Bengali feature film depicts a story of a small-town girl Bulti, from Badkulla, who scores the highest marks in West Bengal’s board examinations. The film deals with what happens next, the media frenzy that erupts in the small town and the kinds of challenges that come Bulti’s way, thereby changing everything for her and her world.

People behind the movie:

Director – Pinaki Sarkar
Key Cast – Shyamoupti Mudly, Abhijit Guha, Sumanta Mukherjee, Nitya Biswas, Sidhartha Chaterjee, Aritra Dutta, Dola Chakrabarty, Romit Ganguly, Sudeshna Basu…
Producer – Ritajaya Banerjee
Production: Alter Ego Films Production

Bulti’s Journey So Far 
From the director: One evening, a friend who was working as an anchor for a live TV show, got back from his work disgruntled. All day he’d worked with this topper kid, who was on the floor filming, without any food and rest. Just thinking about how pitiless the media can be really bothered me. And that was the real-life inspiration behind the story of Bultir Result.

Our Take on the Movie:

A movie like Bultir result is rooted to such a real life incident that you feel the vibes of Indian society as soon as you watch the movie. For time being, they are crowdfunding for the film post production. They invested all good earned money in making the film. But as the film goes into post production phase, it requires another 8 lacs rupees for completing the overall film. They approached various producer to invest in the film. But, all turned back to the creators of the Movie.

Pinaki Sarkar who has directed various short movies and documentaries, has garnered the best in his Awards bucket when his documentary ‘Hijli Detention Camp at IIT: An Untold Saga’was awarded in JIO Filmfare Awards 2017 as Official Entry & Nominations in the Popular Choice Category & Best Non Fiction Category.

The WishBerry Video:


The 1st challenge of the film was its huge cast list. There are almost 80 characters in the film. The 2nd challenge was the locations. However, despite these challenges they managed to shoot the film with their limited budget. Now they require your support for completing the post production. You can go to WishBerry website and see the overall talk and pledge any amount of money for the movie. They are running out of time and has more 80% to collect in just 32 days for collecting another 6.4 lacs. Your support can help a good script movie to see its day light.