In this issue, our in-house chef Lipika brings to you another mouth -watering recipe : Cabbage Fry or Patta Gobi Fry. This is an easy to make Indian recipe that goes well with rice and rotis (Indian bread).

Ingredients -1)1 small size cabbage
2)1 bay leaf
3)2 tomatoes
4)1 potato
5)3 green chillies
6)panch foron 1 tsp
7)salt as per taste 
8)sugar one pinch
9)1/2 tsp turmeric powder 
10)oil for fry 1 tsp
11)1 tsp ghee 


1)cut the cabbage in half then chop it as thin as possible.
2)cut the potato in cubes and sliced tomatoes and green chillies. 
3)take a pan to add some oil to it. 
4)when oil gets hot add bay leaf and panch foron to it and fry for a while5)add the potato and fry it now add cabbage
6)add salt, turmeric, sugar, green chillies, tomatoes 
7)fry and cover the lid until its get tender 
8)when water comes out and it will get tender fry for some more time till the oil comes out or until it gets fully cooked 
9)check the salt and add 1 tsp ghee to it for more flavour and taste. 
10)serve hot with rice or roti